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Invitation ~ Sadje #writephoto

Every day he passed by this gate. It was always deserted. A little bit ajar, but not a soul in sight. He always wanted to push at the gate to see if it would open. He had an urge to … Continue reading

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The Bet/Invitation ~ Deborah #writephoto

The gate was slightly ajar. Perhaps, I shouldn’t but I’ve come this far. How Could I turn back now? If I do, they’d call me a chicken and I’d lost the bet. Me and my big mouth sayin’ that I … Continue reading

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The Eye Opens #LongMeg ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: I woke at midnight ravenous. After tossing and turning for an hour, I crept upstairs to get the sandwich I had bought for my train ride to Cumbria. For some reason I found it wildly amusing … Continue reading

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The Monet Affair ~ Maria #writephoto

It sat there, languishing, the beautiful chateau, which used to be bustling with life. It was the place where everybody who was anybody went.  Anyone who didn’t receive an invitation to the annual Jubilee ball was to be pitied.  Many … Continue reading

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The Keys of Heaven

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
The Keys of Heaven – The last journey of St Cedd It is the year AD 664. The coastal town of Whitby and its Abbey, under the control of the abbess who became St Hilda,…

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Addie’s Little Adventure ~ Adele #writephoto

Everyday after school, I took a shortcut so that I would walk past the mansion where the English couple lived. And every time I paused to peek through the gates which were always ajar and stare at the strange faces … Continue reading

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Pancakes, sophistry and sacrifice

It is Shrove Tuesday and in England that means pancakes. Not, you will understand, those heart-warming American delights, nor the elegance of French crepes, but ‘proper’ pancakes. For my sons, following in the tradition of the family that has spanned … Continue reading

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The Sticking Point… Stuart France

* One can almost hear The sky groan As the Juggernaut Of our year Slowly grinds to A halt, shudders… Pauses, changes gear And reverses trajectory. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Optimist #midnighthaiku

Little by little The eternal  optimist Bare earth yields beauty *

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