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The Place ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“I’ll take you to the place,” she promised. “The place where you came from?” the boy pressed. “Your before home?” “If it is still there,” she nodded, her eyes clouding over with something between wistfulness and worry. She watched his … Continue reading

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Bright Eyes ~Iain Kelly #writephoto

Through the gloom she found their spot where the flowers bloomed in the sunshine that sneaked through the gap in the tree canopy above. The ground was damp but she gave it no mind as she lay down in the … Continue reading

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Blessed by the best of it…

Originally posted on Maxpower's Blog:
It dawned on me today, that I mark the passing of time in a much different way than I did as a kid. In some ways, I guess it should be obvious, but the…

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Guest author: Frank Prem ~ A poet reads…

No-one can read a poem like the person from whose pen it flowed. There is something of the writer’s heart, life and soul in the words. They know the unwritten pauses, the emotional shifts, the hidden emphasis that bring the … Continue reading

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Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

In a distance we see bright light Divertissement for us to see Determined not to be cozened Shaft of brilliant light by the tree Walk on dry leaves as we clatter The height of trees make us feel weird Bedevilled … Continue reading

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Bright Light ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

Blue Beyond Take me through The well of the throat So that I might drink full The waters of life. Replenish light Bright. Oh, so bright. The brilliance of A supernova exploding the universe inside Continue reading at Not Tomatoes

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Grandad’s Socks…

This weekend the UK will celebrate Mother’s Day and, as a girl, both grandmothers and great grandmothers were recognised too, for they were as much a part of the maternal teaching I received as a child as my own mother. … Continue reading

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Generations #midnighthaiku

Generations spanned Many childhoods remembered Timeless gift of love

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