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Sign ~ Willow #writephoto

Death  was  tired, that just goes without saying  really. It was a full moon and this  always  played  havoc  with his  old bones. Shivering he  crossed  the moors alone  and  weary. As  he  crossed  the horizon …he  is  Death  and … Continue reading

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Freedom or Not ~ Sangbad #writephoto

The night was full moon as it was…is it “would be” a century ago or few years ago, or, is it “will”…I couldn’t decipher the point of the time I had looked at that transparent sign of the house–the wizard … Continue reading

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Sign ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

She read the legend under the picture: “the image shows a clouded sky beneath a full moon. There is a wordless sign showing only a pointed hat, of the kind often worn by wizards…” How strange she thought, how and … Continue reading

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The Point of a Wizard’s Hat

Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
It’s filled with language, thoughts and magic that escape like clouds to the atmosphere. The full moon shudders, she knows how tragic it is for wizards to live in fear. In fear of…

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Secret Magic

Originally posted on Positive Side Of The Coin:
Photo courtesy Sue Vincent In moonlight, White as milk, Dreamlike situation, The evening in her blues, Melting step by step As if on cues! Bewitching with secret language, She came to me,…

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Is it a bird? ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster at Tallis Steelyard: Occasionally it happens that somebody is so desperate that they throw common sense to the winds and attempt extravagantly eccentric things. I have never tried to quantify matters but I suspect that there … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Iain Kelly:
The Wizard’s Inn had never appeared in the ‘Top 50 Pubs of Norfolk’ published annually by the Norwich Gazette. It had never featured in the local tourist guide or any Good Food guide. The ale…

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Inside the church at Penn II

Continuing my visit to Penn, to keep my promise to Noelle Granger. The first part can be read here  and the second part can be found here: There is so much to notice in the church at Penn… far too … Continue reading

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Verily, Verily… Stuart France

* The thing is… It is impossible to ‘do’ such sites in one visit. In fact, it is not possible to ‘do’ such sites at all. If anything, they ‘do’ you, if you allow them. As we were about to … Continue reading

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Still #midnighthaiku

* Frost chills the morning Warmth a distant memory The sun still rises *  

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