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About face…

“That,” I thought, looking at the author’s photograph, “is a really interesting face.” She wasn’t pretty, nor by any means young. The face was quite ‘lived in’ and had probably never been more than vaguely attractive by any conventional or … Continue reading

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Technologically challenged…

I thought it was quiet; no phone calls, no texts, no incessant beeping from the double-edged technological marvel that is both a lifeline and a noose. I hadn’t missed it, but there was a vague sense of something being absent … Continue reading

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There’s even an app for that…

The air was redolent with incense with a vague hint of coffee and Indian chai masala. Outside, the birds were singing in the unexpected sunshine. A monkey screeched from the depths of the bed covers, stopping the conversation in mid … Continue reading

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Distance….Stuart France

* If we want a yardstick, for how far we have travelled from our Gods… We need only consider the once widespread custom of sacrificing a first-born child… It hardly seems credible from this vantage, irrespective of its counter productivity … Continue reading

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Honouring Sanctity… Stuart France

* And so, the mighty bend low before the Saint? The misery of his meagre apparel, the antithesis of all they strive for. And yet, is there not something of power in renunciation? What is it that moves behind those … Continue reading

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Losing the plot…

I sat and stared, listening to my mouth continuing about its business. With a curious, detached prescience, I was acutely aware that my words were about to run out. I needed his name. Needed to end my speech with it. … Continue reading

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The puzzle of being

“I can usually work people out,” he mused. “What their underlying motives and reasons are, what is really behind how they are. Can’t do it with myself though. Doesn’t matter how much I look… I never know if I am … Continue reading

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