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“Gloriously expert position. I merely bumbled upon your fastidious post and desired to articulate that I have really relished understanding your blog articles.” Genuine spam comment. Understanding? I wish I could say the same of the comment. The spam box … Continue reading

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Borrowed Wings… again

In 2009, after my son had been stabbed through the brain and left for dead in a coma, I was writing daily updates for all those around the world who were sending their love and prayers for his recovery. There … Continue reading

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…A Month of Sundays.

The Old Sterling Ten Pound Note (obverse) * The Sundays of my youth were quiet days, primarily because in those far off times our country still regarded the first day of the week as a rest day. Most of the … Continue reading

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The end is nigh… hopefully…

Regular readers may recall that in April last year, an unseen leak had brought a kitchen cupboard crashing down from the wall at my son’s home. Plumbers, builders and insurance assessors were called… and by October, the kitchen wall had … Continue reading

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Being three…

Childhood memories Perception and emotion Reanimated Technicolor images Played on the screen of the heart * My youngest granddaughter was three at the weekend. Her parents hired a bouncy castle for the day; Imogen and her big sister dragged the … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Hands

  I see my mother’s hands before my eyes The first caress that I had ever known, And with a thrill of wonder realise The hands I see before me are my own. * Where did the decades go, I … Continue reading

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Up and Down

This week has been a difficult one, with so many masked faces raising the ghosts of memories that I could wish had stayed well buried… memories of moments that I will not forget, no matter how much wishing I might … Continue reading

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For the past few days there has been a young heron beside the road on the five mile drive to my son’s home. It stands, arrow thin, shadow blue and perfectly still, almost invisible, watching the drainage ditch that runs … Continue reading

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Creature comforts…

The bee spread its wings and managed to take off from the hot flagstones… rising a mere inch before landing again. I watched him try and fail to achieve lift off several times over the next few minutes. He obviously … Continue reading

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Anything goes…

I was born in… well, we can gloss over that. Let’s just say that my childhood was spent in an era of extremes. War and calls for peace dominated the headlines, crooners shared the charts with pop groups, hemlines varied … Continue reading

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