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I don’t need a lot. My personal shopping for the week would probably not half-fill a basket at the supermarket, let alone a trolley. I usually pick up what I need at a ‘corner shop’ and seldom have more than … Continue reading

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In with the new…

I watched his brain fry and his eyes glaze. Lsd has that effect on the uninitiated. “It damned near is psychedelic…” said my son as I explained its mysteries. The complexity of working with the pounds, shillings and pence of … Continue reading

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Forlorn hope…

“It’s a good day for life,” said my son, as I helped him across the garden to look at the emerging buds on his acer. He was right… the sun, for once, had shone all morning, making working in the … Continue reading

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The one that got away…

I am looking forward to April. Not just because it might have stopped raining and warmed up a bit by then, but because I have a feeling we have come to the notice of the water deities through our research … Continue reading

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Under the rainbow

While her dad and I worked in the garden, fixing the wind-battered shed, Hollie sat at my desk, watching the fish in the aquarium and drawing me a picture. We had just been looking at some photos of her father … Continue reading

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Mobile menace…

It is a five-mile drive home from work. I nearly killed three people. Four, counting the baby I must assume was in the hooded pushchair. You can imagine the headlines, “Mother and baby killed by careless driver…” Few would look … Continue reading

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Sound of waves…

* After holidaying three years running at White-Lake, Mother decided it offered more congenial surroundings than sooty Colton in which to bring up a family so she put it to Father that we really ought to move there for good. … Continue reading

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Ugly ducklings?

The past few days have been all about fish. The near-constant rain had delayed operations in my son’s garden and the waterfalls were slowing up enough to make cleaning the pond pumps and filter a matter of some urgency. So, … Continue reading

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Down the wormhole?

I am waiting for a hospital appointment. I have now been waiting for nearly three weeks and have heard nothing. It is a good thing that I am not expecting them to find what they are looking for, or I … Continue reading

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* When, O’ when will we learn? * Pathologies are not people. * Neither are robots, nor automatons. * Count Jack Black Reblogged from France and Vincent

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