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Midnight Haiku … #midnighthaiku

For around five years, I posted a haiku every night at midnight. I like the constraint of the seventeen syllables of the classic ‘haiku in English’, exploring brevity to capture multiple layers of meaning. I like the discipline of writing … Continue reading

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Oh, What a Show!! Showboat’s Literary Online! #authors #writers #poets ~ Judith Barrow

Reblogged from Judith Barrow: On Saturday 16th January 2021 we had our first Showboat Literary Online. We had a great line up of writers, lots of fun – and lots of interviewing glitches ( for the editing team at Showboat … Continue reading

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The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic at the Carrot Ranch…

I need to write about this. About what it meant to get that first email telling me what they had planned. About how it feels to be placed at the centre of something so unexpected and wrapped in words that … Continue reading

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The Lowdown on Lowe… Lands of Exile: Kith ‘n’ Kin

  Lands of Exile: KITH ‘N’ KIN Stuart France & Sue Vincent The Beeley Stone, ‘liberated’ from the churchyard at Bakewell, stands proudly in the centre of its village green once more. While the locals enjoy the fruits of its … Continue reading

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Universal Mind…

* Human minds are linked in some way to human brains, and there has been little if no change in the size and constitution of human brains for many thousands of years. * The doctrines of the Prevailing View can … Continue reading

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‘Ben’s Out!’… Excerpt from Lands of Exile: Kith ‘n’ Kin

* Winged blade. Everywhere. Nowhere. Now here. “Now slowly, gently, return to the Circle, carrying the vision of Light within. Return to your body… meld with it once more… Allow yourself to feel your chest, rising and falling as you … Continue reading

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Thinking time

What is your criteria for a good book? Apart from wanting it to be well written and presented, what is it that you look for? Entertainment value? Information? Emotion, relaxation or a momentary escape from the humdrum round of daily … Continue reading

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The freedom to get it wrong

Watching the fish in the pond the other day, I noticed that although they all swim, as you would expect from fish, they all swim differently. The huge sturgeon glide through the water with no appearance of effort at all. … Continue reading

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Going West: Kilpeck Castle

Why does a tiny village like Kilpeck hold such a fabulous church? Because once it wasn’t a small, forgotten place, but the seat of nobility and, according to the information board, parts of the castle still remained. We left the … Continue reading

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“Shhh…” He glared at his sister. “Honestly, girls are useless.” The cat turned and looked straight at the children. It hissed, crouched low like a panther. They froze as the old woman turned and looked at the bush where they … Continue reading

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