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Imagine ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

‘Imagine all the people, sharing all the world,’ sang John Lennon. And they shot him. ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color … Continue reading

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Wishes ~ Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

There are notes, floating, in the breeze Clinging, steadfast, to the trees Music written, for the eyes to hear Words that sing, to those held dear Continue reading at Night Owl Poetry

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The Strange Workings Of The English Language Part One – Esther Chilton

Reblogged from estherchiltonblog, a new series on the vagaries of the English language: As a writer, I love words, but I have to admit that the English language isn’t always straight forward and I feel that I’m constantly learning new … Continue reading

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Written #midnighthaiku

Tongue-tied emotions Verbiage spilled unspoken Fills virgin pages * Words that have voice Passions revealed by the pen Remain evergreen *

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Whisper to the moon

Tongue tied, I freeze Taking refuge In uneasy silence. Wishing I were one of those To whom the words come easy. Those for whom beauty And what lies in the heart Spill from the lips In poetic petals. Words drip … Continue reading

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Riddle Me Ree… Stuart France

* The device of riddling is common to most traditional cultures. Maidens set riddles for their suitors: ‘What is sweeter than mead…?’ ‘What is whiter than snow…?’ ‘What is lighter than a spark…?’ Antagonists use riddles to settle their disputes: … Continue reading

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The Message — #writephoto by Frank Hubeny

Bernard lived with his aunt, a widow without children, for the spring semester of the third grade. He was familiar with his aunt’s home where she held Christmas Eve parties late after Midnight Mass. His parents enrolled him in the … Continue reading

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Original tales

I was writing late last night and, on re-reading what I had written became aware of an odd juxtaposition of certain words. They took me straight back to a book where a particular passage had left its mark. There was … Continue reading

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From the archives: I was looking for something on one of the bookcases earlier. Big mistake. There are books there. And you are bound to see something you haven’t read in a while.. or that is relevant.. or reminds you … Continue reading

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“Gloriously expert position. I merely bumbled upon your fastidious post and desired to articulate that I have really relished understanding your blog articles.” Genuine spam comment. Understanding? I wish I could say the same of the comment. The spam box … Continue reading

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