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Launch Day! Networking For Writers ~ Lizzie Chantree

Reblogged from Lizzie Chantree: Hello everyone. Today I’m celebrating the launch of my latest book, Networking for writers! We are living in unprecedented times and I would usually be hosting a book launch party in a beautiful venue, but things … Continue reading

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I Want Your Stories! ~ Esther Chilton

Reblogged from Esther Chilton: A few months ago, I ran a writing competition to win a copy of my latest book of short stories, A Walk in the Woods. I had some super entries and so, as it’s coming up … Continue reading

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How To Market Your Book In 2020 ~ Nicholas C. Rossis hosts Ronita Mohan

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis: Here’s another post from Ronita Mohan, one of this blog’s favorite guest bloggers. Book marketing is like building on quicksand: just when you think you know what’s what, everything changes. Thankfully, Ronita shares here some … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2019! Doing what comes naturally … with Annabelle Franklin’s Pearl

Hi Santa, I got into a bit of bother for talking to the birds today. She knows I have to, because I’m a bird-dog… it’s in my blood, you see. But she says that while she doesn’t mind me having … Continue reading

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Guest author: Robbie Cheadle ~ Charlotte Brontë

Background Charlotte was the third and middle daughter born to Patrick and Maria Branwell Brontë. She had two older sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, who both died as children from tuberculosis, and two younger sisters, Emily and Anne. She also had … Continue reading

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Joy Lennick interviews author Richard Dee

Reblogged from Joy Lennick: Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing a writer who you may, or may not, be familiar with; but one, I’m sure you will return to, once you have enjoyed a taste of his excellent, entertaining … Continue reading

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Laughter really is the best medicine … Fransi Weinstein

Reblogged from 365 and Counting: I can’t tell you how many times I ‘ve heard that over the course of my life and I’m pretty sure you’ve probably heard it more than a few times, too. Laughing has never been … Continue reading

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Himani in Conversation With “D.Wallace Peach” from “MythsOfTheMirror🐉”

Reblogged from Books and Sstuff: Omigod! I am just so super excited to start with my Author Interview Series with one of my favourite Blogger (Myths of the Mirror) who is equally an awesome Fantasy writer. I personally like her … Continue reading

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Frank Parker ~ A Date with Max Power

Reblogged from Frank Parker’s Author Site: My ‘date’ this time is Dublin born author Max Power. In his response to my first question he agrees that his Dublin childhood is an important influence, but goes on to say that it … Continue reading

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What’s Missing From Your Self-Editing – Ryan Lanz

Reblogged from A Writer’s Path:   by Ryan Lanz   For some writers, editing strikes fear into their hearts. Okay, perhaps not fear, but some discomfort. At least a stomach ache, right? Before you reach for the antacids, let’s discuss … Continue reading

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