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A Thousand Miles of History XXII: Seeking the circle

“It’s somebody’s drive.” The neat rows of montbretia made that very clear. Yet, this was at least one of the ways we could, according to the map, get to our first site of the day. We had already driven up … Continue reading

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Riddles of the Night: Clues on cue

In December 2017, Stuart and I ran one of the Silent Eye’s regular workshops, this time in Derbyshire. As our workshops are currently on hold because of the pandemic, and as the story of the workshop was originally published in … Continue reading

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#Poetryreadathon ~ Robbie Cheadle invited me over…

Reblogged from Robbie’s Inspiration, where Robbie Cheadle was kind enough to invite me to be her guest as part of her Poetry Readathon: Sue Vincent from the inspirational blog Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo is the author of a number of unique … Continue reading

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Lost #midnighthaiku

* Lost in reflection Seeking an identity A long way from Home *

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Islands #midnighthaiku

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I stand enraptured Earth and sea begin and end In thrall to beauty Cherishing the questing path Humbled by Nature’s jewels For Colleen’s Poetry Challenge

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The Arrow and its Mark ~ Wallie’s Wentletrap #writephoto

Reblogged from Wallie’s Wentletrap: The Arrow and its Mark She leaned on her elbows. It was a warm bright day with a cool wind ghosting the tops of the trees. The water was blue under the sky. For a long … Continue reading

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Absurd – Fall Musings #writephoto

Absurd. What is? A lot of things. My heart, your will, man’s ego in a universe that is larger than him, earth’s gravity compulsively holding things together, the idea of being present in a moment, the need of a body … Continue reading

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Questing – Sarah #writephoto

So, Level 1 of The Quest is all about getting kitted out. I’m a Warrior, so I need weapons – obviously – and armour, and all that. I haven’t told Mum and Dad. They’d go mental – I mean, they’re … Continue reading

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Forever #midnighthaiku

Frozen wonderland Poised on the promise of spring Tugs at the heartstrings A land of childlike wonder Invites participation * Lost in the moment The thread of time unravels Eternity smiles * Forever’s journey Through the white heart of winter … Continue reading

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