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Couples Counselling – Fandango #writephoto

“It doesn’t look like it’s been well maintained,” Chuck said to his wife. “Look at these vines and branches. They practically block this window.” “First of all,” Anita said, “that’s a rose bush. It just needs to be cut back … Continue reading

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Devotion – Reena Saxena #writephoto

watching out for long-awaited visitors on snow covered paths retaining youthful freshness is not for a feeble heart Source: Reinventions by Reena

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Be my guest…an invitation

It’s five o’clock, the page looks bare… There’s not a guest post anywhere… Though I invite and beg and plead There’s only my words here to read. So, authors with a brand new book, If you’d like folks to take … Continue reading

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Mystical Window – Pamela Morse #writephoto

In deepest slumber on the coldest night of my life I was shown a vision with no explanation or key A window appeared to float above my dreaming soul It beckoned me to gaze into the unknown to learn Continue … Continue reading

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Lazy Days from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Reblogged from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie: The nerves are setting in and I will probably be a wreck by Monday. I just hope I have done this amazing (and illustrated) little book justice and that I haven’t forgotten anything … Continue reading

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Window – Sisyphus #writephoto

The house is still there, and the roses. How happy we were then, how beautiful was our life, the sun was shining everyday… This is what I want to remember, now, after all those years. Of course, I’d like to … Continue reading

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Deluge!… Stuart France

* Various stories relating a catastrophic flood are told by classical authors. These flood stories may derive from a single Mesopotamian original used in travellers tales for over two thousand years along the great caravan routes of Western Asia. In … Continue reading

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Frustration #midnighthaiku

Total frustration Email failing to function Getting way behind… Regretting time lost Missing communications Apologising…

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