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Legacy – Denise Aileen DeVries #writephoto

I’ll retrieve the seed of hope from the bottom of the box and plant it, cultivate peace, let hope inform the loam, conditioning the soil for good to flourish and grow upright, into buds of belief, Continue reading at bilocalalia

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The Passage – Eric Pone #writephoto

Eowyn saw a person turn quickly into the woods in front of Maryann’s apartment. Ono agreed to rush Maryann to Gingers pad while Ducky and Eowyn quietly followed the mystery person. As two men accustomed to hiking both in the … Continue reading

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Has he no shame? – another tale from Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: I am sure I’ve never mentioned Alatan Zore. He is, of all things, an essayist! If you find poets self absorbed and insufferable, trust me in this, essayists are worse. It is also entirely impossible to … Continue reading

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Forge – Fall Musings #writephoto

The sight of the trees here, their aroma warms up my heart. This ground feels so familiar, it’s almost like I’m walking down my imagination. She reflected. I never want to be away. I never want to be out of … Continue reading

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Thought and memory Quest among the grateful dead Pick over cold bones Seek amid the detritus Tomorrow’s understanding For Frank J. Tassone’s challenge

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Red Riding Hood – Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

   Act I This is the magical path through the woods on which I first saw her. She looked stunning, with her long blond hair, her blue eyes, and red lips. Adorned in a red cape, hood, and flower-printed dress, … Continue reading

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Sol Invictus… Stuart France

* Verily, is the invincible sun, First and last refuge of the personality, Until it dies… Count Jack Black Source: Stuart France

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Brood #midnighthaiku

Mam Tor, which means ‘mother hill’, is surrounded by her children, where the underlying layers of shale have caused landslips to form smaller hills at her base. The instability of the hill gave her the name of ‘shivering mountain’. The … Continue reading

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