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Shades of blue – Meena #writephoto

I stood awkwardly at the doorstep, re-guessing myself if I made the wrong decision to come here in the first place. I was new to the city and my colleague had invited me to his son’s birthday party. I knew … Continue reading

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The betrayal – jagahdilmein #writephoto

I woke up with a start, completely disoriented. I had no idea as to where I was, or what I was doing there. I shrugged my head in an effort to clear the grogginess, and looked around me to try … Continue reading

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Three Paths to Light – Stuart France

Reblogged from The Silent Eye: In the early days of The Silent Eye, I thought it would be a good idea if Steve, Stuart and I, as the three directors of the school, shared a little about how we had … Continue reading

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Silver Tree meets Secret Moon

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
? What silver magic rises here Amidst the Winter mists and gloom When, darkly frosted, shines the bark Announcing light that drives the gloom Where sleeping tree meets secret moon ⦿ But do you…

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Ocean and I become one.. stoner on a rollercoaster #writephoto

My eyes were welcomed by sapphire hue as I unveiled them. Couldn’t remember how long I had been sleeping on the bed of sand and broken shells I was lying on my back straight, hands resting on my navel. Again, … Continue reading

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Oak And Mist – On Sale!

Originally posted on Journey To Ambeth:
**SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE** In case you missed it in yesterday’s post… To celebrate the release of Under Stone, the fourth book in my Ambeth series,…

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Can You Come and Have a Look at This? – James Elkington

Reblogged from Walking with a Smacked Pentax: My son-in-law to be is the gamekeeper of Asquith and some surrounding moors. He recently told me that the local farmer had spotted some idiots driving around the moors in 4 X 4 … Continue reading

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