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The Night has a Thousand Eyes – a Jamie Dark story from Geoffrey West

“She wouldn’t just go—she isn’t like that!” “But you said you had a row and told you she was leaving you.” “I know that, but. . .” The trouble with being a senior police officer is that while you have … Continue reading

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Guest author: G. Michael Vasey – Ghosts of the Living and Being in Two Places at Once

A recent call with my mother resulted in my latest book. Knowing my interests, my mother surprised me by telling me how on three separate occasions, she had seen her sister. The first time, she was in the kitchen and … Continue reading

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Guest author: Adele Marie Park – Wisps of vision

The boy sat on the blanket box which was underneath the window. He turned his head and looked at me. I saw then that he was a down syndrome child. He smiled at me and I smiled back. The room … Continue reading

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Guest author: Lyn Horner -Anthologies Are All the Rage

. . . especially among indie authors. Here is an excerpt from Nicholas Rossis’ post 9 Hot Trends in publishing in 2017. #9. Authors Will Band Together “There has been an increasing trend of authors supporting other authors through collaboration … Continue reading

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Guest author: Susan A. Royal – Xander’s Tangled Web

I write Scifi, Fantasy and Paranormal. Most of my stories are about people who have adventures they never expected. Think Twilight Zone or Amazing stories. Something along those lines. I love to talk about writing any chance I get, and … Continue reading

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The Murderer from Jamie Dark #shortstory

Reblogged from Jamie Dark, Psychic Investigator… and the pen of Geoffrey West: Stephen, a quiet man who popped into our Dark and Light store one day, told me this very interesting story: Stephen’s Story “I killed my wife,” said the … Continue reading

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The Pink Bus – Guest author G. Michael Vasey

Gary Vasey is a prolific writer and has been a friend of mine for a long, long time… and the birth of that friendship in itself is a very strange story. We co-authored The Mystical Hexagram many years before we … Continue reading

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