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As the Crow Flies – Fandango #writephoto

The large, black bird surveyed its domain. It was a gray, cloudy day, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The crow had the good luck earlier in the day to have caught and consumed a small mouse. And just … Continue reading

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Where do you come from? – Reena Saxena #writephoto

Do you carry messages from the other worlds? You are welcomed or shoo’d away as per the receiver’s perceptions of what you bring anticipated union with a loved one or forewarning of a separation? Source: Reinventions by Reena

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The Benefits of facing a Challenge – Leah Bracknell

Reblogged from Something beginning with C: As if life were not currently challenging enough, someone in their wisdom, namely myself, decided that more challenge was required. “Why not organise a talk?” I said to no one but myself. Seemed a … Continue reading

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Crow – D. Avery #writephoto

Another message Crows ink upon autumn sky calling to be read enciphered mysteries writ decoded in wakeful dreams. Continue reading at ShiftNShake

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The gallant stand of an aging terpsichorean – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: I believe I have introduced you to Pardo Fuen. When I last mentioned him, he had decided to pass a quiet retirement selling cut flowers, a little top fruit, and bulls. The cut flowers were a … Continue reading

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Down home Christmas – Daniel C. Julian #writephoto

Black bird perched on colored lights Strung from the courthouse Smalltown sights Outside the five and dime There’s a man at the payphone wants to talk to God He just can’t find the change Continue reading at Word Florilegium

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Finding the jewel…

“You are beautiful.” “You are love.” “You are light.” “Whatever you can imagine can be yours.” I am fed up of reading these feelgood assertions, offered as a placebo and generously sprinkled with glitter and fairydust. There is nothing wrong … Continue reading

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Creation II… Stuart France

* … “We find the information on this board to be, ever so slightly, uncomfortable.” “It’s slave mentality.” “And it’s metallic mind.”  “’The blood of the slain God’ is, perhaps, most perplexing.” “It might be more than that if the … Continue reading

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Feathers #midnighthaiku

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