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A new year love letter – Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Dear Lady Unknown, Please accept the two flowers that hang outside your window. You might wonder why two red roses. Well, let me tell you. The first one is to announce my love for you. The second one is for … Continue reading

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The Indian Rapunzel – Juhu #writephoto

The aroma of burning dry husk filled the room. The rays of the setting sun making their way through the crack of the window, kissed her shiny, long black hair which she caresses more than anything, call it her pride … Continue reading

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Free on Kindle, one day only, Richard Liveth Yet by Joanne Larner

Richard Liveth Yet The first novel in Joanne Larner’s series on King Richard III FREE on Kindle January 10th ONLY What if time could be manipulated so that someone could travel into the future? What if that someone were Richard … Continue reading

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Window – Willow #writephoto

Rachel woke with a start she had been having nightmares about the future and what it held. Calidore and Lisa were at the table deep in conversation they both turned to face her as she screamed. Lisa smiled, “you are … Continue reading

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Steve Costello on A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow

Reblogged from Beyond the Pyre, Steve Costello writes of A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow: Isn’t it wonderful when a friend tells you about their success? Judith Barrow told me about hers today with her novel, ‘A Hundred Tiny … Continue reading

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The secret of success – Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

As I was cycling out of the village I couldn’t help but notice a little thatched cottage. Around the doorway and windows there bloomed a delightful rambling rose of deepest crimson. A woman was standing in the garden, a pair … Continue reading

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The quiet ones…

The computer decided to play the fool, doing unmentionable things with no provocation. I’d only just sorted the email that had blocked me from answering anything, even though it let me see all the emails piling up. And, to make … Continue reading

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Enchantment #midnighthaiku

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