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Trompe D’Oeil – Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

‘And this is another classic Walter Bleasedale, from his ‘Mysterious Orb’ series…’ ‘It’s a fake.’ ‘Sorry?’ ‘I said…’ ‘Yes, but what do you mean? It’s from Walter. It’s been authenticated…’ ‘That’s the point. It’s not authentic.’ ‘But Walter created it…’ … Continue reading

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‘The unkindest cut…’

“Do it. Now…” Implacable. Cold sweat beads on his forehead. Her eyes are keen as anguish, sharp as the steel against his throat. How had he not realised? How had it come to this? He had tried everything. He had … Continue reading

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A Whispered Name – Penny Wilson #writephoto

The breeze brings The fragrance of Wildflowers And your skin Your touch, a whisper Your caress, my desire Your desire Continue reading at Penny Wilson Writes

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Breaking point… a Jack Lockwood story by Geoffrey West.

Reblogged from Jack Lockwood Diaries: “For God’s sake! I’ve got two children and a husband!” So saying, Vera pulled away from our embrace, glaring at me angrily as she stepped backwards. “You can’t just—” “I know, I know, I’m sorry,” … Continue reading

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Wallie on Old Age

Originally posted on WALLIE'S WENTLETRAP:
Wallie the Imp has a relative who visits him on weekends. He is very old and Wallie knows him very well. His visits always make Wallie worry about what it would be like to be…

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#writephoto – 1-25-18 – The Bag Lady

I see the glowing footprints, he’d surely been here. Should I venture further down this path? I’m surprised he’s out in the sunlight. I see the twisted tree trunks, I wonder if he’s hiding underneath. The cave on the left … Continue reading

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Whew! – Craig Boyack

Reblogged from Entertaining  Stories: Hey there. Remember me? It’s been a while since I wrote something specifically for the blog. I’ve wanted to, but the blog tour demanded my attention. The tour is over now. This one involved a pile … Continue reading

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Woodland – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

To walk in woodland, feeling sunlight fluttering a sprinkle of leaves. Source: Two on a Rant

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A Pound of Flesh… Stuart France

* For what doth it profit a nation, To gain the world, But lose its land? Source: Stuart France

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Journeying #midnighthaiku

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