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Book Covers – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce… at The Story Reading Ape

Reblogged from TRSA: By now I’m sure most of you know how important a book cover is for selling books. I’d say that the three most important things in getting someone to plunk down cold hard cash for one of … Continue reading

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Guest author: Laleh Chini ~ Keep dreaming

I always loved writing and being an author was a dream. When I was a little girl and grew up with a very hard life witnessing my dearest ones being in such painful life, made me dream of being a … Continue reading

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Introducing Irma’s Endgame ~ Paulette Mahurin

Reblogged from Paulette Mahurin at The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap: Dear Family & Friends, I am happy to announce the release of my latest novel, Irma’s Endgame. To date profits from my books have helped free 2,177 dogs from kill … Continue reading

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The Healer: Now part of a Box Set! ~ Christoph Fischer

Reblogged from Christoph Fischer: When advertising executive Erica Whittaker is diagnosed with terminal cancer, western medicine fails her. The only hope left for her to survive is controversial healer Arpan. She locates the man whose touch could heal her but … Continue reading

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Vegetating?… ~ Tallis Steelyard (and a new book or two by Jim Webster)

The Arcade Market in the Commercial district is not the most prestigious of the markets in Port Naain. One will not find the truly exotic, but there again one will not find the grossly overpriced either. It provides decent quality … Continue reading

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Guest author: Charles E. Yallowitz ~ Using Vampires as Heroes…

Thank you to Sue Vincent for letting me be a guest on her blog and helping to promote my newest book, War of Nytefall: Rivalry.  This is the 3rd volume of my vampire fantasy action-adventure series . . . I … Continue reading

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#writephoto regulars ~ Meet Trent P. McDonald

I asked the writephoto challenge regulars if they would like to come over and introduce themselves. Without those of you who write and read the pieces inspired by the weekly photos, the writephoto prompt would not exist. So, if you … Continue reading

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How a farmer’s son became the companion of a Prince… V. M. Sang

Reblogged from Dragons Rule OK: This is a chapter at the beginning of Elemental Worlds. At least, it was going to be the first chapter, but I decided to eliminate it. It tells how Pettic, the son of a farmer, … Continue reading

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Writing: The Whole Truth ~ Leslie Tate interviews D. G. Kaye

Reblogged from Leslie Tate: Debby Gies I interviewed Debby Gies about her memoirs written under the pen name D G Kaye, her book and travel blogs, and her work with online groups. Debby, who is a prolific author and blogger, … Continue reading

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Buzzards Big as Bears… Stuart France

* …Some of the roadside Buzzards we pass resemble small bears, which I suppose makes them rather large birds. A lot has happened since our last visit to Avalon. A lot has happened this past year. Will it have altered … Continue reading

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