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Flying Kites…

*** … The church of St Lawrence is surrounded by Yew trees and as we leave the grounds I see a flash of red arrow from tree to tree very low as if coming in to land. I burst through … Continue reading

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* “Well, my friends, for a time the road ends here. I must away to dismantle Sue’s ‘temple home’. * If you are still craving her words of wisdom, then we have been running a selective retrospective of her work … Continue reading

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Bestseller :D #midnighthaiku

fragile illusions ephemeral ambitions bestseller status 😀 Well, come on… it is almost always the dog who makes the bestseller list at Amazon… just once before I die, itis rather nice to beat her to the post… knock Robert Frost … Continue reading

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Temple of Living Light

* The third book should have been straight-forward. “If the first two are, ‘…Land’ and ‘…Lore’, respectively, then, Giants Dance should be ‘…Light’. * “I can’t even remember what’s in it.” “Doom and gloom, mostly, I think.” * We need … Continue reading

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Willow Willers reviews “Laughter Lines: Life From The Tail End” by Sue Vincent

Yet another five-star review for the small dog… Such a wonderful book, to make you laugh and cry in turn. Ani and Sue have such a beautiful relationship and that shines through. Continue reading at The Small Dog’s Blog

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Looking both ways

It is a very strange situation to be in, really. Over a week ago, I was given ‘days to weeks’ to live, with no one knowing upon which side of that particular marker the Reaper would come calling. It isn’t … Continue reading

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John Bainbridge ~ All Four Robin Hood Books – One week sale for under £4/$4 on Kindle

Reblogged from John Bainbridge: You can get all four books in my Chronicles of Robin Hood series for under four pounds/dollars for this week only on Kindle – and if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle … Continue reading

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The Small Dog on Writing…

It seems I’m in the doghouse once again before I knew it, And this time it is so unfair because… I didn’t do it! It’s not my fault if people like my poems more than her stuff… And leave me … Continue reading

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Finding Don and Wen ~ Stuart France and Sue Vincent

Dear Don, Whoo hoo! Finding Don & Wen is now live! I really enjoyed getting this one put together. Who would have thought it would work out quite so well? Can you believe how much stuff we were already working … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – Author Updates

Reblogged from Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord, featuring… #Reviews – #Supernatural John W. Howell, #Pilgrims Noelle Granger, #Southernculture Claire Fullerton Welcome to the Friday Edition of the Cafe and Bookstore with recent reviews for authors on the shelves. The first book  today with … Continue reading

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