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True love – Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

It had taken him a long time, he had journeyed across three continents over 10 years in his quest, but now, finally, his search had come to an end. He had found her, and he would never let her go. … Continue reading

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Shakespearean Window – stoneronarollercoaster #writephoto

She was returning from school. Her pace a cocktail of walking briskly, tip toeing, jogging and kicking random rocks, depending on her mood and magnitude of exhaustion. Her back hunched under the weight of abnormally heavy bag. She sometimes would … Continue reading

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Apprenticed to my Mother: the book – Geoff Le Pard

Reblogged from Tangental: Regular readers will recognise the heading. Last year I decided to pull together a memoir of my time with my mother, post dad. I’ve now finished it and it’s in for editing. This post, like so many, comes with a … Continue reading

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The Winter Rose – James #writephoto

Nancy clung to the base of a gas street lamp just across the street from St. Andrews shivering as she listened to the beautiful hymns and organ music late on Christmas Eve. The tiny child’s clothes were too thin to … Continue reading

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Unexpected neighbours…

My eyesight may not be all it once was, but even from a distance, the sheep in the field looked a bit odd. We have found many strange and wonderful things in and around the village of Birchover, but they … Continue reading

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Window – pensitivity #writephoto

Life and Death of a Rose The rose vine twines, Reflected in the pane, The occupier looks out, Confined to bed again. The rose vine buds, Depicting life anew, The occupier strains, To look out on skies of blue. The … Continue reading

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Beyond the glass…

The half-light of a winter morning swallows the stars, revealing a world frosted with white. The dog, redefining the phrase ‘global warming’, lays across the threshold, letting the heat escape from my comfort zone. Cold seeps in, reality nips at … Continue reading

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Shift #midnighthaiku

Myopic comfort Self-limited perception Confining the Self It was cosy inside, looking out through the windows on a winter garden. Birds came to the feeder, rummaging for seeds. Camera poised, I tried to capture them through the glass. The mechanical … Continue reading

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