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Haaninin’s Friend – James #writephoto

For many years, Franklin Long took morning walks along the river. When he was young, his walks were runs, even in the winter when it snowed. As he got older, the runs slowed to walks. Finally, in his twilight years, … Continue reading

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Crow – pensitivity #writephoto

If I sit here, silent, Some may ask am I alive? I survey the fields and woods, Keeping an open eye. No warnings come, I retain my perch Silhouetted against the sky, There is none to hurt. I look to … Continue reading

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Guest author: Lyn Horner – Finding your cross-genre niche

First of all, I want to express my thanks to Sue for having me on her site once again. It’s great to be back! I am a cross-genre author. By that, I mean my fiction books are a mix of … Continue reading

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When Crows Cry – Kim M. Russell #writephoto

I perch on my usual branch, feathers shivering, sharp eyes surveying the naked winter- weathered landscape, depressed by concrete cloud. I open my frost-numbed beak, rip the air with one loud cry, release crow-black pain into the sky. Source: writing … Continue reading

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The Dancing Master – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: People do make a habit of surprising you. They cheerfully climb out of the neat little boxes you put them in and persist in doing things you’d never expect. Take, for example, the great mercenary captain, … Continue reading

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Rooks – Sarah #writephoto

Starlings form one being, that moves and spins, each bird part of the whole. Rooks, on the other hand, travel as a company of individuals. I’ve watched them, loosely linked, peeling off singly or in pairs, coming together Continue reading … Continue reading

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The tip of the iceberg…

It was just nine o’clock… I had potentially nine hours of healing sleep ahead of me and, as I’d been struggling to stay awake all day, I fully intended to use them. I was shivering, so I had, very sensibly, … Continue reading

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Midnight #midnighthaiku

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