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To My Hearth Returned by Jael Sook #writephoto

Tender harbinger, You winged across an ocean, Untiring, faithful in your mission To deliver me sorrow, news of Heart’s worst loss… The world Stopped turning—still, soundless— Even my weeping, mute river. You blotted tears with onyx pinions, Sat near, promised … Continue reading

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Between #WritePhoto by Sarah Brentyn

He flies halfway between day and night. His wings reach out, touch the rooftop of my home. The silence outside me, the noise inside me… I hear him. Tomorrow, he tells me, will be softer. More forgiving. Wait.   I … Continue reading

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Peace – #Writephoto by D. Wallace Peach

In the end, I returned to the sanitarium. This time by choice and without the reams of commitment papers, the hustling of orderlies, and motherly coaxing of nurses. The baby-blue walls and polished linoleum shine with familiarity, and the bars … Continue reading

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Rest in Paradise – #writephoto – by Emma Hyde

  Melodious strains of lilting birdsong drifted into Serena’s conscious, enticing her back from what felt like the deepest of sleeps. A soft breeze grazed her skin, wisps of hair tickling her cheeks. The air was pleasantly warm, soothing. Her … Continue reading

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Armo’s Love #WritePhoto by Sarah Brentyn

  Usually, men carrying axes were unwelcome in the woods. But Armo was a different sort of man. He respected nature, cherished it even, and the trees knew him. The day she died, he was there, ax in hand. He … Continue reading

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Running – the risk of dying

“Running just a few minutes a day reduces risk of dying” Really?? Such was the headline on the news item that morning. Now, I don’t run. There is a certain top-heaviness in the curves department that has always made running … Continue reading

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The Feathered Seer – The bitter drop

‘If you have not lived through something it is not true’ Kabir The fourth ritual took us to a place of fear. Within the local landscape there is a high place that had, for a long time, remained hidden from … Continue reading

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