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The Message – Raymond Roy #writephoto

If I could talk what would I say, to the Lummi, the Shuswap, and Ojibwe I would share my sorrow of broken *Magic Pots, of runs of Salmon, no longer caught. Empty plains are where the Bison would run, Wiped … Continue reading

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Crow – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

Once, as a human I crowed, “I’m greater than God!” my fate to eat worms. Is hell a place of torture, or eternity’s lessons? Source: Two on a Rant

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Guest author: Susan Finlay – Breadcrumbs and Bombs

Hello, readers! Sue Vincent was kind enough to invite me to write a guest blog post about my brand new historical mystery novel, Breadcrumbs and Bombs. Thank you so much, Sue! Breadcrumbs and Bombs is a novel that deals with … Continue reading

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Silence – Sal #writephoto

Silence frightens more than any scream; bites more than the harshest discord. It waits, desperate to be made full, whole, right; for the noise of existence to dispel the nothing, nowhere, never. Silence whispers, mute, of a time before, acknowledged … Continue reading

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What if? Not a poem – by Jan Malique

Reblogged from strangegoingsonintheshed: Image: Barmouth, North Wales, Jan Malique What if I could bring back all that you’d forgotten? Will you smile then, run in fields of glory, be the child bathed in laughter? Piece by piece assemble the memories … Continue reading

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Crow – Michael #writephoto

Timothy Crow looked down upon the murder gathered before him. Since being elected leader of the murder he had taken the job on in as serious a manner as he could. And Timothy was very good at being serious. Around … Continue reading

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On Philosophy… Stuart France

* It is clear that every ‘great philosophy’ is, no more and no less than, the confession of its author. To explain how a philosophy’s highest flung claims have been derived, therefore, we need only ask, ‘what really makes its … Continue reading

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Loneliness #midnightaiku

A secret garden Bars of iron close the way Forbidding entry * The gate stands open Its locks long-since unshackled No-one notices * So long defended Only loneliness blossoms In the unseen heart *

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