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Long Climb to Sanctuary – James #writephoto

The cities were lost to the Grendels and most of the human race was dead. The early news reports Neville Smith heard said that the disease had been introduced to Europe and the Americas by groups of refugees from Somalia, … Continue reading

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Mad Betty’s house – Sarah #writephoto

The hut nestled under the bank at the end of the lane. We crept towards it. We could hear her singing – a wordless song, or, if it had words, they were in a language we couldn’t understand. Jack sniggered. … Continue reading

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Guest author: Karen Ingalls – Reverence, Forgiveness, and Butterflies

Albert Schweitzer had a profound influence on me after I read about him and his remarkable work. His philosophy of Reverence for Life filled me as a teenager with fervor to also have great respect, love, and kindness to all … Continue reading

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Revealing – Reena #writephoto

  The Pharaoh ripped off the bandages, and walked free after centuries. This had been his favorite path for a morning walk, and at first sight, it appeared that not much had changed. He wondered why his footsteps created a … Continue reading

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A poem – by Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: Relax into the faith of unknowing Time whispers promises to those who wait Unfolding through the now of the eternal present Unwraps the gift of the self ♥ Continue reading at Not Tomatoes

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Perpetual Deja Vu – Excerpt-3, Stoner on a rollercoaster #writephoto

Run..run! She closed her eyes. Her heart hammering wildly, lungs fighting their own battle. And she was running.. Focusing all her energy on her unbelievably heavy feet. She was giving it all. As if death was chasing her. Or even … Continue reading

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Horror in the sun…

It could have been worse, it could have been raining, but it was a springlike day of clear sunshine. Unseasonably mild, it was just the type of day for pottering in the garden. So I didn’t mind too much when … Continue reading

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Fragility #midnighthaiku

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