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Distant #writephoto by Michael

There was movement on the distant snow covered mountains as the Mountain Nymphs began their trek down the mountain to the nearby village. For them, it was time for rejuvenation and the male population of the village were the source … Continue reading

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Distant #writephoto… Martha Frei

She sat in her shabby rocking chair on the porch of the askew old farmhouse, holding an ice pack against her left temple. This time he did hit her harder than usual before he had finished the bottle of cheap … Continue reading

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D. G. Kaye turns the spotlight on…me

Debby … D.G. Kaye…. was kind enough to invite me over for her first author interview of the year… Thanks, Debby! I am delighted to have here today, friend, author, blogger, painter and poet, Sue Vincent of the Daily Echo and … Continue reading

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Distant #writephoto – Jan Malique

Infinity rose in the East, place of greatest light, as the tribe stood in silent respect. The day of the Third Sun and hour of the Unfolding Future was upon them, initiating the rite of disintegration and reintegration. Such a … Continue reading

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Footprints in the snow Ephemeral memories Slowly disappear The essence of the moment Fresh as a winter morning

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#writephoto: Snow giants – Jane Dougherty

Once it was a land of rich meadows, but the mountains are cruel. Each winter the snow giants hurl tempests of ice and snow into the valleys and the meltwater floods the plain in spring. The meadows are full of … Continue reading

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Mirror-Man… Stuart France

* Grasp no-thing. Refuse no-thing. Receive… But do not keep. Be content, and know, with no-how. Count Jack Black Source: Stuart France

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Magical #midnighthaiku

Walking in wonder Unadulterated joy Unveiling beauty  

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