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Who can hold a cloud? The sky dances with stray dreams— a gift of nothing For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  Continuing my haikus that start with a question. Sometimes the best gifts are…

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Thursday photo prompt – Wisp #writephoto by Joelle LeGendre

The wispy wind, a wisp of hair, a whisper in the autumn air. A summer breeze that whispers by and lifts the wings of butterflies. A coon cat tale in winter wisps a greeting from its hairy tips, awaiting spring, … Continue reading

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Clouds Dancing – Kim Russell #writephoto

No curtains open, no music plays, no corps de ballet on the rocky stage. The only spotlight is the sun, to highlight the faint wisps Continue reading: Clouds Dancing – writing in north norfolk

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Playing in the heather…

Until you come over the hill above Bakewell, there is no sign of it at all, but then, if you are lucky and the sun is out…and it is the right time of year… there is a dull streak of … Continue reading

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Sky Waltz – Emily Weatherburn #writephoto

Their whispers are distant at first. They barely carry over the harsh whipping of the wind. As the gale strengthens, though, so do their voices; as it batters against them, whipping their hair into their faces and forcing tears from … Continue reading

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Wisp #writephoto – Of Glass and Paper

“There are many universes…” she said, in the voice of a factual statement, “and, sometime, voices filter, from one to another. Then one has to know how to read the signs.” I waited, hoping for an explanation. The clouds formation, … Continue reading

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Purposefully Selected Sequences of Movement by Craig Towsley #writephoto

From the grass hit, the unnamed boy watch the sky skeletons dance. They rose, they dove, they spun and swirled. His mother grabbed his shoulder and pulled him inside, warning him of the dangers of being a spectator. He obeyed, … Continue reading

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The unseeing eye…

I had an email with a biblical reference. Not having read the passage to which he referred in any depth for as long as I can remember, but knowing the story as we pretty much all do, I picked up … Continue reading

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All – Ex – Andros… Stuart France

  One is All… In Alchemy there are no short cuts. Many are those who have spent a life-time seeking its treasure in vain. On the other hand, everything it promises to reveal is freely given at the outset. One … Continue reading

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Together #midnighthaiku

Working together Insignificance creates Living miracles Fragrance of honey Recalling no paradise But the here and now  The smallest of things Changing the widest landscape Life in harmony  

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