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Gemini in the sky: unwelcome #writephoto

The howling winds screech dirges around the edifice of grey rocks. Rain lashes at the pallor with drops running down as fusillade of tears. All the vestiges of the the former days of glory are eroded and only the skeletal … Continue reading

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Watchers #writephoto – Of Glass & Paper

The fortress once stood here, and trees and brambles have long invaded the deep ancient ditches. Battles were fought in this land, in times when enemies had to face each other, times of violence and courage, times of faith. The … Continue reading

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HOW TO 101: Has been Updated and Upgraded for easier referencing… at Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Reblogged from The Story Readng Ape…This is only a tiny sample of what is on this page…do yourself a favour…have a look and bookmark the page! INDEX To make it a little easier to find the HOW TO you need, I’ve split … Continue reading

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New Featured Sunset August 2017 | Before Sundown

Reblogged from Before Sundown, with thanks to Christine for choosing one of my photos for her featured header! by Sue Vincent Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo https://svincent.com Source: New Featured Sunset August 2017 | Before Sundown

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Bewilder – #writephoto from Journey

The silence is missing. But the peace has been found. I am surrounded, yet I am alone. I cannot think, yet my head is clear. I cannot see the road, yet the path is visible to me. “Do you understand … Continue reading

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Visiting tourist Testing the facilities Pool acceptable This young blackbird is a regular visitor to my son’s garden. Ignoring the vast expanse of pond, stream and waterfall, he dives daily into an unused cat-litter tray that the rain fills with … Continue reading

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Our incredible world!

Originally posted on Learning from Dogs:
What to see in the night sky in August You all understand that this blog, while predominantly about our special doggie friends, never hesitates to wander away from matters canine if I think it…

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I am the Watcher and the Watched – Reena Saxena #writephoto

Being watched is an uncomfortable feeling. I do not like voyeurs or dictators peeping into my life and privacy. George Orwell painted a scary picture of “Big Brother” watching us, as a means to induce fear, and a slave mind-set … Continue reading

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A visit to Somerton

About twenty miles away from my home is the Oxfordshire village of Somerton. I had been there once before, a couple of years earlier, when a sign saying ‘historic church’ had sidetracked me on the way home from the north. … Continue reading

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A Comparative Method… Stuart France

…The Tetrahedron is the magical symbol for elemental fire. Fire has always carried with it a mystery. From earliest times it was thought the proper preserve of the Divine. For man to have gained this dangerous boon took especial cunning, … Continue reading

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