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Tranquil ~ Christine Mallaband-Brown #writephoto

Funny how the light shines in this glade she thought. The trees and the beach look pink and purple. It must be the weather. Then she looked up to where the sun should be, but the star she saw  was … Continue reading

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The Luck of a New Year ~Tina Stewart Brakebill #writephoto

Singularity Expanding in space and time As day dawns again As day dawn again Spinning ‘round the milky way A new year is born Continue reading at Tina Stewart Brakebill

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Calm ~ Chris Jensen #writephoto

Throughout a delusional blind… A windy storm of icy confusion, clouds the inner mind… Continue reading at Deleted Angel

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The Gentle Wave ~ Em #writephoto

Gazing at the deep blue, Marveling at its wonder. All the highs and lows, Making her ponder. Memories flashing in front Of her deep blue eyes. Thinking about beginnings, And sad goodbyes. Continue reading at Em’s World

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Stars and fairy lights…

Walking home in the dark last night, my village was aglow with fairy lights…thousands of tiny, shining stars, blue, white and all the colours of the rainbow, twinkling in the darkness and lighting the way. The everyday ordinariness of living … Continue reading

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Luna – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Reblogged from Trent’s World: Photo by Sue Vincent “Their signal was lost.” “What?”  The ringing of my phone had woken me from a deep sleep and my head was still foggy. “Sorry, ma’am.  The signal was lost, all telemetry data … Continue reading

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Wisp #writephoto – Of Glass and Paper

“There are many universes…” she said, in the voice of a factual statement, “and, sometime, voices filter, from one to another. Then one has to know how to read the signs.” I waited, hoping for an explanation. The clouds formation, … Continue reading

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Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 1) – Richard M. Ankers – Author

Reblogged from Richard M. Ankers : The stars poured from the sky in a twinkling explosion of light in the night. To our left, darkness held sway over the universe. To our right, an even deeper obsidian. Yet in that … Continue reading

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Fluidity #midnighthaiku

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“Religion is a matter of diet. You must choose what suits your spiritual digestion, I suppose.” Naomi Jacob, ‘Four Generations’. Growing up, I loved the stories that Naomi Jacob wrote about the Gollantz family. I am not Jewish, though some … Continue reading

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