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The Trees Have Eyes – #writephoto – Emma Hyde

Joss tears through the bramble and bracken, ignoring the prickling thorns and nettle stings plaguing her bare legs and feet. The stony walls of the gorge bear down on her, intimidating, threatening, her only escape route carved out between them. … Continue reading

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Watchers #writephoto D. Wallace Peach

I There are moments when the eye is beguiled and the old brain fails to glean meaning in signals relayed through rods and cones, the biological light-catchers coloring our worlds. Continue reading: Watchers #writephoto | Myths of the Mirror

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#ExcerptWeek at The Write Stuff – A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow

This morning, I’d like to welcome Judith Barrow, who is sharing an excerpt from her latest book, A Hundred Tiny Threads, which is now available for pre-order. I know you’ll enjoy this one, and will remember to share hither and … Continue reading

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Marjorie Mallon – Curse of Time 1 The Bloodstone

Originally posted on firefly465:
Today I am sharing Marjorie Mallon’s new book – Curse of Time 1 The Bloodstone. Synopsis: On Amelina Scott’s thirteenth birthday, her father disappears under mysterious circumstances. Saddened by this traumatic event, she pieces together details…

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Watchers #writephoto by Hayley R. Hardman

Pausing on the footpath before the tall jagged rock faces, I got an odd feeling that I was being watched. Looking around, I couldn’t see anyone. The normal sounds of birds singing, the warm breeze shifting leaves and the water … Continue reading

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A question of class Despising the commoners Civic pride forgets Society’s vagabonds Unwanted hearts in service Two pigeons, side by side, pecking at crumbs on a city street. It is not an unusual sight. Flying rats, many call them. They … Continue reading

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Conduit by Kerfe at method two madness #writephoto

The pass is wordless, but it waits, alert– watch and ward, ancient, before and behind– weathering all storms Continue reading: Conduit | method two madness

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The church with the castle

After leaving Somerton church. we felt obliged to stop for a drink and absorb what we had seen. Some of the symbolism will be being mulled over for some time. but on a hot summer’s day, there is no better … Continue reading

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Daybreak #midnighthaiku

Summer bathers blush Destructive purity weeps Stealing innocence Dawn brings the scent of roses to tempt me outside. Pale faces whisper good morning to the rising sun. I share the moment with an invisible blackbird. The world sleeps as the … Continue reading

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