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    * Come, child, Be not so sad. Morning heals the night And ghosts melt Into angels With the waking day. Life dances To a sacred rhythm And eternity laughs At men And time. *

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History #midnighthaiku

Time twists memory Misshapen perceptions grow Rewriting the past

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Beyond the glass…

The half-light of a winter morning swallows the stars, revealing a world frosted with white. The dog, redefining the phrase ‘global warming’, lays across the threshold, letting the heat escape from my comfort zone. Cold seeps in, reality nips at … Continue reading

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Shift #midnighthaiku

Myopic comfort Self-limited perception Confining the Self It was cosy inside, looking out through the windows on a winter garden. Birds came to the feeder, rummaging for seeds. Camera poised, I tried to capture them through the glass. The mechanical … Continue reading

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A Harmony of Eight – Stuart France

* The point sits at the centre of the square, where its two diagonals intersect. * * From the same intersection, another square can be drawn at right angles to the first. Like this, we create eight equidistant points. * … Continue reading

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On being a furry grandmother…

Quite what came over me, I’ll never know… but it seemed like a good idea. I was wrapping my granddaughter’s birthday presents when it occurred to me… they were all all the princessy things which she loves, to play dressing-up. … Continue reading

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Twisted history…

I enjoy research. For a writer, this is obviously a good thing. I love following an obscure reference to its source or delving into the past in search of what, for want of a better word, could be called ‘the … Continue reading

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