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Set #midnighthaiku

* Reality shifts Perspective and perception Through another’s eye * Open minds may change New horizons discovered Seeing beyond stone *  

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Spirit of ‘What-Not’… Stuart France

* We can, perhaps, now understand, a little of where this diagram is coming from. It may be that this figure is supposed to represent a tetrahedron, yet because of its overt Patriarchy it is tempting to see a hidden … Continue reading

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Triads: The Trinity… Stuart France

* … The One is All, yet the One is ‘three’? The trinity is actually, a unity? Three ‘persons’ in one? The paradoxes and enigmas are wont to pile up when considering this seemingly curious, or counter intuitive, notion. So, … Continue reading

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Madding Merlin…

* * … After many years had passed under many kings, Merlin the Briton was held famous in the world… * Peredur, King of North Wales made war on Gwenddoleu of Scotland… * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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The Builder Of Bridges ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

“What’s down there?,” you ask. I’ll tell you. Down there is curiosity, insight and awareness; but down there, for me, I’ll confess, is ego and pride. For I am the Builder of Bridges. Though all you see is a simple … Continue reading

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Identity #midnighthaiku

Am I black or white If eyes that see no colour Seek to define me? There are rainbows in my soul And my shadows hold the stars For Colleen’s Poetry Challenge

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Missed #midnighthaiku

Skimming surfaces Inattention shapes vision Treasures overlooked

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‘Aye’ of the Unicorn: Tower… Stuart France

* To complete our pentagrams we returned to our core principles and considered the shadow. * The setting was not the swiftly flowing Spey but a quitely progressing brook which arced in a crescent around the space in which we … Continue reading

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‘Aye’ of the Unicorn: Circle… Stuart France

* As the weekened progressed we were to work our way around ‘the limbs’ of an elemental pentagram. * Two sites from the region were given over to each element. * In the first we would consider the element in … Continue reading

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Space and Time

Consciousness flickers round the edges of dreaming and I become vaguely aware of the delicious luxury of warmth and comfort and a body relaxed and sleepy. It is dark and silent, the dawn will be long in coming, and dreams … Continue reading

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