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From her rest within a winter garden She rose, Walking lonely paths Beneath withering boughs. She wanders wild And cold earth murmurs Of Eden’s fruit. A ghost in fevered hearts, The perfume of eternity’s desire, She remembers God’s kiss And … Continue reading

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The Naming of Things ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Imagine the sun rising, an bright, early dawn, in the garden at Eden. Adam rolling to his right side to lean on one elbow, the back of the hand on his other arm coming up to rub the sleepy dust … Continue reading

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Sublime – Fall Musings #writephoto

Are you here? Is this real? Even though she could feel the warmth of his breaths upon his lips, she could feel his chest rise and fall, and hear his heart beat and hers stop, she did not dare turn … Continue reading

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The unseeing eye…

I had an email with a biblical reference. Not having read the passage to which he referred in any depth for as long as I can remember, but knowing the story as we pretty much all do, I picked up … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog LVIII

She’s smelly. And if you think I’m being a bit mean here, what with all the time she spends wallowing in hot, soapy water in the room-that-shall-not-be-mentioned, think again. I’m a dog. Smelly is good. She goes places… sees people… … Continue reading

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