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Trembling ~ Andrea Stephenson

Nature trembles on the edge of spring. The sun reaches for the earth with renewed strength and the wind whips through the land with a renewed spirit. In places, spring breaks through. The lilac crocus shoots in the park that … Continue reading

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‘Fly away home…’

The ladybird was swimming desperately as I scooped it out, feeling that little rush of warmth at having rescued the tiny creature from a watery death. It wasn’t happy, but I placed it on the side of the sink to … Continue reading

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Order #midnighthaiku

Cold contradictions Mother Nature knows her mind Confusing seasons *

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Awakening #midnighthaiku

Beneath  the blanket Deep buried for summer’s need Spring’s treasure wakens *  

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Waiting #midnighthaiku

Winter’s fingers cling Buried treasure silver and gold Now await the sun

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Ghosts #midnighthaiku

Images remain Forgotten summers return Ghosts of warmth and joy

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Transformation #midnighthaiku

Winter’s purity Ceding place to summer skies Looked for with longing Where is the sorrow Exchanging earth for heaven When two become one

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Chilled #midnighthaiku

Chill rain stealing warmth Washing away sunlight’s gift Bringing life to earth *

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Whitewashed #midnighthaiku

Whitewashing winter Choosing beauty and romance Over frozen toes *

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Swift #midnighthaiku

Summers once had wings June becoming September Swifter than a wish * Cold swallows the sun Seasons turning uncounted Empty nests are flown

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