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Last year, my son had his garden re-done. The heavy sleepers supporting the old decking had rotted beyond salvation and what should have been a quick repair job became a major undertaking that took all summer and well into the … Continue reading

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Flame #midnighthaiku

Beyond wind and rain Summer breathes on her ashes Spring ignites the flame *

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Layers #midnighthaiku

Layered memories Summer sands and winter chills Forever cherished *  

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Herald of Spring…

The first slug of spring slithered in through the door And left me a silvery trail on the floor, A creature I’d normally count as a pest, Whether inside or out, such an unwelcome guest… * But the first slug … Continue reading

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Contrast #midnighthaiku

Cold winds sweep the heights Held in winter’s stubborn grasp Valleys decked with gold * Changing perspective Possibilities revealed In every moment

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Listening to the wind

Sleepless, I lay listening to the wind, wondering what it whispered and whence it came. It moved around the house, insinuating itself through the half open window, stealing across the bed to rattle the door; a silent intruder. Where had … Continue reading

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Unseasonable weather?

The primulas, I can understand. For all their delicate beauty, they are hardy little souls and are happy to flower in winter, even poking their petals through the snow. But, for the rest of my son’s newly planted garden, there … Continue reading

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Melding #midnighthaiku

* Never black and white Seasons blur the edge of time Winter dreams of spring *

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Cusp #midnighthaiku

* Winter world dreaming Cold shores remembering warmth Tides begin to turn *

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Catching dreams ~ Andrea Stephenson

Reblogged from Harvesting Hecate and featuring a book by Pamela S. Wight of roughwighting: On the first wintry day of the season frost crisps the landscape.  My breath billows in clouds of white.  The sun is honey, oozing through the … Continue reading

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