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Family #writephoto

Originally posted on Afterwards:
“You are going to live In a what!?” her mother asked quizzically, peering over the rim of her glasses.  She didn’t wait for an answer as it sunk in, she seldom did.  “Did you hear that…

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On Vacation – #writephoto – Emma Hyde

Gilbert the gremlin was grumpy. The setting sun streaming through the tiny window lit his sullen face, exasperated eyes, frustrated frown. Quite frankly, Gilbert had had enough. “The most important job in the world” the advertisement had boasted, “Invaluable to … Continue reading

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Sails – #writephoto – Lady Lee

Nothing can trigger what I feel No matter how I shake it off I mean sunset beams like blast-off The wind carries me with the reel Picks up my poor spirit by sea Posts me hope as I am born … Continue reading

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The raising of the Egyptian Lazarus – Extract from A Certain Measure of Perfection by Simon J. Kyte

Simon J. Kyte shares an extract from his book, A Certain Measure of Perfection (click the link to visit the Kindle page on Amazon.com) . “At the time of the Restoration, the opening of a locked chest in a remote … Continue reading

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The Wind — #writephoto – Frank Hubeny

When harsh winds blow some whine, “How the wicked wind oppresses me!” Others wonder how they could make money off that wind by grinding grain or generating electricity. One turns it into poetry. The other turns a profit. The Little … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Legacy

The little Church of the Holy Cross at Ilam is one of those places that seems to have something to offer every visitor, no matter in what period or area their interest lies. There are stained glass windows that capture … Continue reading

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Quixotic Giant – Kim Russell #writephoto

Obsessed with windmills               feet planted in earth head in the clouds                           a quixotic birth with a love of sails               … Continue reading

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Rombald’s Moor – Reblogged in honour of #YorkshireDay…

There is a place the heart calls home, I think, for each of us. Sometimes we are lucky enough to live there. Sometimes it simply lives within us and pulls at the heartstrings, calling us. It may be the place … Continue reading

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We are our own worst enemies. That should go without saying but, although the adage has a solid place in our vocabulary we seldom really stop and think about it. Or at least when it applies to ourselves. We can, … Continue reading

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Serendipity #midnighthaiku

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