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North-easterly: A Final Grace

“…Manifest thy light for my regeneration, and let the breadth, height, fullness and crown of the solar radiance appear, and may the within shine forth!” Abbe de Villars, ‘The Comte de Gabalis’ “We’ve just got to the top of the … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Sidetracked by Saints

Few churches named after a saint have a historical claim to have been built by their namesake, but St Aidan’s church in Bamburgh is one of the few who have that right. The original church here was founded by St … Continue reading

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Going West: A Field of Peace

We gathered by Whitesands beach, just outside St David’s in Pembrokeshire… a small group of people from all walks of life, putting aside the cares and pressures of the daily grind to explore the sacred landscape of Wales. A time … Continue reading

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Purposefully Selected Sequences of Movement by Craig Towsley #writephoto

From the grass hit, the unnamed boy watch the sky skeletons dance. They rose, they dove, they spun and swirled. His mother grabbed his shoulder and pulled him inside, warning him of the dangers of being a spectator. He obeyed, … Continue reading

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Notes from a Small Dog – Halloween horrors

We’re not talking. I know, I should be more patient with her…she’s only a two-legs after all, but honestly… First she goes off, then comes back…only to go off again. Then, when she does come back, she’s all at sixes … Continue reading

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