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Historical Saturday New Release: “A Hundred Tiny Threads” by Judith Barrow

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HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY – ‘A Hundred Tiny Threads’ by Judith Barrow – the prequel to the Howarth Family Series was published a few days ago. Starting in 1911 over the years we uncover the threads that…

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Where are we going? (2) – The Vice – Steve Tanham

It may be that the present compressed and negative feelings that we humans are experiencing is a birthing chamber rather than a vice. This outrageous suggestion ties in closely with what was written in last week’s blog. In it, I … Continue reading

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From Blog To Bookshelf by Lucy Brazier

Reblogged from Secret Diary Of PorterGirl It has been pointed out to me that in recent interviews I have spoken at length about how I started writing – this is mainly because it’s one of the questions that always crops up … Continue reading

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Menacing shapes sinister intentions yet, the impact weakens against a rocky will on the ground. ? Steadfastness poses a challenge to the airy-fairies unsupported and directionless. ? Value foundations set early in life possess power…

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Wisp #writephoto

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Sue’s #Writephoto prompt this week: Sitting cramped in the corner of the train carriage, Meena glimpsed a flash of the blue sky, wisps of cloud dancing across without any cares in the world.…

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Drifting Clouds..#writephoto

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Ancient stories

One of the things that has struck home over the past few years, wandering round the churches of Britain, is just how much we learn and understand from stories and images. The record held in these ancient places goes back … Continue reading

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Are we there yet? II … Stuart France

* “Who are you to say these things to me?” said Judas Thomas. Joshua said, “you do not know who I am from what I say to you? Then you have disregarded the living one who is in your presence. … Continue reading

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Dilemma #midnighthaiku

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