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Historical Saturday New Release: “A Hundred Tiny Threads” by Judith Barrow

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HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY – ‘A Hundred Tiny Threads’ by Judith Barrow – the prequel to the Howarth Family Series was published a few days ago. Starting in 1911 over the years we uncover the threads that…

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Where are we going? (2) – The Vice – Steve Tanham

It may be that the present compressed and negative feelings that we humans are experiencing is a birthing chamber rather than a vice. This outrageous suggestion ties in closely with what was written in last week’s blog. In it, I … Continue reading

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From Blog To Bookshelf by Lucy Brazier

Reblogged from Secret Diary Of PorterGirl It has been pointed out to me that in recent interviews I have spoken at length about how I started writing – this is mainly because it’s one of the questions that always crops up … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Menacing shapes sinister intentions yet, the impact weakens against a rocky will on the ground. ? Steadfastness poses a challenge to the airy-fairies unsupported and directionless. ? Value foundations set early in life possess power…

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Wisp #writephoto

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Drifting Clouds..#writephoto

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Dilemma #midnighthaiku

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