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Elements by Kerfe #writephoto

Horizon of air this point where sky meets earth sun of glowing fire Day ending with fire clouds dancing in light and air shade darkening earth Continue reading: Elements | method two madness

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Sails #writephoto by Hayley R. Hardman

The world was nothing like it had been in the past. Not that I remember the Before but I’d heard all the hand-me-down stories. Growing, up I had dreamed of living in that ‘magical’ time where everything seemed so easy but … Continue reading

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There is a little private car parking area outside my son’s home through which I pass every day. Today I was weeding his driveway and, casting a glance around me, realised that the parking area is once again becoming carpeted … Continue reading

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Rings of Oak – Steve Tanham

Rings of Oak Along my walk there is an oak Grown sturdy on the edge of winds Life’s hardships fought and won Whose sole and noble bearing Engenders shared sojourn △ Source: Rings of Oak – Sun in Gemini

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Salvation – #Writephoto – Jessica Bakkers

Susan sat slumped against the wall. Her stringy blonde hair fell down around her face and was matted with blood and dirt. Her old blue sweater was filthy and torn, and like her hair, flecked with blood. Her arms hugged her … Continue reading

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Grist  by Craig Towsley #writephoto

When the sun began to set, the miller loaded his the sacks on his cart and climbed up to the seat, grabbed the reins and got the donkey pulling. Halfway home, he overtook a man walking along the rutted road. … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd – Within the living land

It had been a long time since I had first come across a reference to Thor’s Cave when I was doing some research for Dark Sage. We were not, at that point, feeling the call to go there; caves were … Continue reading

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Date #midnighthaiku

Last minute grooming Nervous anticipation Tender amusement He arrives first, looking around, watching for her arrival. He is a disreputable, scruffy looking article, unkempt and ungainly. He reminds me of some of my sons’ teenage forays into the more regrettable … Continue reading

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