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Brothers #writephoto – Michael at Afterwards

“I dare you!” Thomas urged, pushing his brother in the back. “Go on, go in there – it’ll be fine, he isn’t home.” Sam turned on his brother. Thomas was always so quick to volunteer someone else when it came … Continue reading

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Just a shadow in a stranger’s eye… More than a feeling… – Maxpower’s Blog

Reblogged from Max Power: Very little creeps me out.  I’m good at writing stories to creep others out so maybe my imagination has already gone there.  Either way if a book or movie gives me the heebie-jeebies then it has … Continue reading

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Watcher by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

PLACE: TIHAR JAILTIME: A LITTLE AFTER TWO IN THE AFTERNOONIt’s Sunday afternoon and the prisoners are trudging back from the workshops.The gruelling five and half hour morning shift has just got over and the inmates, some five hundred of them … Continue reading

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Were I to Live today, Throwing caution to the winds Embracing life with Technicolor joy… Then they would never know. Were I to dance again Feeling the rain Laughing on my skin They would not care. Were I to weep … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto Who’s Watching? by Pamela Morse

The soldiers scrambled down the rocky terrain and spread out to hide in ambush. They had a secret mission to intercept a courier who was carrying supplies to the enemy  general in the field.  It was uncertain when the delivery … Continue reading

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A visit to Somerton – Symbolic mystery

If the exterior of Somerton church is unusual, the same can definitely be said of the interior. At first glance, it seems a simple place…a country church with much history and little ostentation. It is only when you start exploring … Continue reading

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Missing #midnighthaiku

Abandoned summers Vacant opportunities   Could be evergreen

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