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Robbie Cheadle reviews Mister Fox: The Legend #Bookreview

Reblogged from Roberta Writes, a lovely review of the first of our ‘Mister Fox’ books: What Goodreads says Where do they come from? They come out of the night… Where do they go to? Back to the night they return… … Continue reading

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Dance (and a socs rant) ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Partners bowing down While facing one another Ready to perform Their first dance, after a break But, can they keep their distance? Today’s poem is less about dancing and more about my thoughts as we are preparing for maybe going … Continue reading

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Dawn Mysterious Wakes ~ Goff James #writephoto

Reblogged from Goff James at Art, Photography and Poetry

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Dance ~ Lee Ann #writephoto

The mists came together swirling and forming within the circle of stones. They silently danced in perfect harmony flashing colors lit by the pale sun. With a shout felt by the universe, they parted ways, dissipating into the sky and … Continue reading

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Dance ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Join the dance of ages, Of soothsayers and sages. As history writes the pages The stones meet the dawn with praises. Continue reading at willowdot21

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Ballerina #mdnighthaiku

On a sunlit stage Nature’s ballerinas dance Banishing shadows *

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Moon music ~ Kerfe Roig

Reblogged from K-Lines that Aim to Be: Continue reading at K-Lines that Aim to Be

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Finding the way

I stared at the page, knowing what I wanted to say, but unable to find a story, the right words, or some way to give form to the nebulous idea. I had written a few sentences and deleted them just … Continue reading

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Pure Nature Walked lightly By those who see Untrammelled beauty Following the pattern Crafted by the architect Even the smallest has its place In the endless cycle of being An unbroken chain of relationships From the feral claw of the … Continue reading

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Forgotten #midnighthaiku

Far memory dreams Long forgotten reverence Stones dance by moonlight *

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