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Watchers #writephoto by Joelle LeGendre

Fun with Coon Cats Watcher #1 Watcher #2 They wait at the edges, catching our eyes and turning away as if they hadn’t been burning holes into us with their want. The errant human never dare forget their morning and … Continue reading

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Watchers #writephoto by Ritu Bhathal

The walls have ears, so they say Silent they stand, stark and grey But the things they’ve seen over the ages Could overfill a writers pages Happiness, sadness and all in between A bit of it all, they have seen … Continue reading

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Still not entirely domesticated – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: I suppose it is inevitable. If two attractive unmarried ladies decide to run a boarding house, specialising in providing homely accommodation for single men; there will be gossip. All the more so when the aforementioned ladies … Continue reading

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Get Lost by Sandi at Flip Flops Every day #writephoto

“I’ll be right back.” Anxious to leave their camp to explore a bit, she quickly, and quietly, walked through the trees to commune with nature alone. Her light footsteps, and pauses, did not silence the twittering birds. Yet a snapped … Continue reading

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A visit to Somerton- Agape

Behind the altar of the church at Somerton is a remarkable reredos, carved in high relief. It would be easy to overlook from a distance, but it repays a much closer inspection. It is a depiction of the Last Supper … Continue reading

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City of Stone – Jim Adams, #writephoto

On a secluded mountain mesa, I shouted, ‘I am sure this is the way to the ancient ruins of the legendary city of stone, which was once inhabited by the Incas.  This has to be the trail that the famous … Continue reading

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Monsoon #midnighthaiku

Biblical deluge Forty days and forty nights Great British summer Thunder booms, lightning scores the iron sky. Rain falls in silver rods, drowning the drainage and making rivers of roads. Within minutes, brakes cease to function and every puddle is … Continue reading

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