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Ars Geometrica: Six… Stuart France

* …The rest of the Night and into the Dawn is something of a blur for us. One can only take in so much after all. We continued to turn the leaves of the little book… Leaf ‘Six’: Operation One: … Continue reading

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Her New God ~ Notes to Women #writephoto

She looked at the tree with the scarves, ties and other colorful things draped on the branches and grimaced. Waste of time. She saw the items she had put on the tree months ago, believing that the gods would hear … Continue reading

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The unseeing eye…

I had an email with a biblical reference. Not having read the passage to which he referred in any depth for as long as I can remember, but knowing the story as we pretty much all do, I picked up … Continue reading

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Stellar Interiori … Stuart France

‘…One becomes Two, Two becomes Three… And out of the Third comes One as the Fourth…’ – Mary the Prophetess. Plate One of Duvet’s Apocalypse. The Apocalypse of St John serves as more than just a Coda for the New … Continue reading

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Divination by the book

There is an ancient art of divination knows as bibliomancy…divination by books. It has been around a long time…the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, has been in use for at least three thousand years, and who knows how … Continue reading

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The Lord of all Proud Beasts… Stuart France

* His skin is hard as rock. His heart huge as a boulder. His belly thick with spikes. * His eyes glow like dawn. He sneezes and lightnings flash. Flames leap from his mouth. * Continue reading here

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Notes from a small dog LVIII

She’s smelly. And if you think I’m being a bit mean here, what with all the time she spends wallowing in hot, soapy water in the room-that-shall-not-be-mentioned, think again. I’m a dog. Smelly is good. She goes places… sees people… … Continue reading

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First impressions

I met a woman at the village shop today. We had the vaguest of acquaintance to begin with, a greeting over her garden fence, but enough, apparently, for her to decide she had reason to enquire after my entire family … Continue reading

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We had taken the advice of our hostess for the Glastonbury talks and headed off in the general direction of lunch. The route she had recommended took us through some beautiful villages, along roads I had driven a couple of … Continue reading

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