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Faith unblemished – Gemini in the sky #writephoto

seeds of expectation sowed. from the clouds nothingless flowed into the barren field of farmer’s mind. sun set on horizon behind. Natures oft amazes, heavenly eyes gazes. Continue reading: Gemini in the sky: Faith unblemished.

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Guest author and reviewer: Rebecca Tran – A Few Tips for Authors

I’ve had a small unused underdeveloped blog for seven months now, but in the last two months I decided to get serious about it. I started making regular posts once a week yet I still wasn’t satisfied. In an effort … Continue reading

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FREE Book for the weekend! Naked Alliances #RRBC

Originally posted on S.K. Nicholls:
FREE Digital downloads of Naked Alliances are available 08/26-08/29 Grab a copy, and a margarita, sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend. S.K. Nicholls’ family owns and operates one of the oldest and largest…

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Breakthrough #WritePhoto by Sarah Brentyn

“Check this out,” he crouched over some green stuff poking through the pavement. “Okay,” I squinted. “I give up. What is it?” “No clue.” “Let’s go. I don’t like this. It’s not right.” “Wait,” he reached out. I grabbed his … Continue reading

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An Unfortunate Discovery by Peter Wells

Reblogged from countingducks: I sat in the car with my wife and travelled up to the cemetery where I’d been buried not long before. She didn’t know I was there, of course, I was now the silent passenger, the observer, … Continue reading

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Cracked #writephoto – pensitivity

This evidence Lies discarded on the pathway. Cracked and open, No longer whole, It provided Shelter and nourishment To the creature within. Continue reading here: Thursday photo prompt – Cracked

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How to write a book…

There are more books being written and published at this moment in time than ever before. Self publishing has opened the doors to a global sharing of imagination and knowledge, but when you pick up the proverbial pen for the … Continue reading

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Aural Sculpting II… Stuart France

* “There are so many different versions of  ‘The Emerald Tablet’.“ “It is an important text.” “Some hold that it alone contains the essence of the alchemical teaching, and most of the versions differ in only the slightest respect, as … Continue reading

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Unbroken #midnighthaiku

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