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The Feathered Seer – Part 1 (or “whatever happened to The River of the Sun?”) by Running Elk

…we may have to go back a little before we can begin. Say two years? All the way back to the “River of the Sun“ in 2015, and the long-awaited “next post”, often promised but always failing to materialise. I … Continue reading

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Obelisk – #Writephoto

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
The horror on my mother’s face earned her a compromise, and I hauled my keepsakes into her attic. The rest I sold or trashed—all my belongings, from my gabled home and rusted car…

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The Journey of the Feathered Seer Part 3: Finding Peace by Alethea Kehas

Bratha left the Raven’s Nest with the gifts of the clan. Now cloaked with the wisdom of a seer, she traveled with her guide to speak Truth to those who sought knowledge. I had a day to process my experience … Continue reading

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Obelisk by Ritu #writephoto

Sitting here I reminisce Think of all Those things I miss All those moments that We shared All those feelings When we cared What went wrong I’ll never know Continue reading here: Obelisk #writephoto

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Unexpected Shaman (1) by Steve Tanham

Jerome (not his real name, but those are his hands) had been teaching us some elementary Spanish. We had been advised that the lesson was half an hour later than billed, but it had started on time. By the time … Continue reading

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Obelisk from pensitivity #writephoto

Overseeing open seas, Battling the elements. Elevated from the shore, Looking out over the centuries. Isolated and abandoned, Sentinels linger, once guardians of Mankind, Kindred spirits who died eons ago. Continue reading here: Obelisk #writephoto

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The positives in negativity

“Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength…” KJV Psalm 8:2 I passed the entire night in the hinterland between sleep and waking. It is that odd state where the body rests unresisting but the mind … Continue reading

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Carrot and Coals IX… Stuart France

* …On the screen of inner sight a single glowing point of light that seems farther than the farthest star, yet closer than the sun. Between her and the light nothing but the streaks of passage… a stream of movement, … Continue reading

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Void #midnighthaiku

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