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Philosophy… #midnighthaiku

Wisdom or folly Feeding those who pick our bones Offering ourselves When you visit the table You seek no more than a meal *  

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Sacred Wisdom by Gretchen Del Rio.

Reblogged from artist Gretchen Del Rio, who shares her magical paintings and the tale of When Raven was Killed: This is just one of so many Native American tales about Raven as well as other animals. I love to read … Continue reading

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Thought and memory Quest among the grateful dead Pick over cold bones Seek amid the detritus Tomorrow’s understanding For Frank J. Tassone’s challenge

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Messenger #writephoto by Isabel Caves

It was a golden afternoon when the mysterious gemstone appeared. I was waiting for our messenger raven, Barnabas. I always waited for him before sundown. He spent the day travelling all over the continent, delivering and receiving messages for my … Continue reading

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Messenger #writephoto by Hayley D. Hardman

Picking up the football which Micheal had kicked across the road, I looked up and saw a huge black bird in an nearby tree. I wasn’t sure what the bird was so I thought about the arrow diagram poster at … Continue reading

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Messenger #writephoto by Pensitivity

I am often Misunderstood, Alone I fly, A messenger In search of solace. I am wise, I am crafty, I know when to fly, When to shelter, My young will not starve. Continue reading:Messenger #writephoto | pensitivity101

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Thursday photo prompt – Messenger #writephoto by Willow

Cold  the  winter, bare  the  trees The  berries are  all long  gone Harsh  the  wind , the  water set  to  freeze Still, hush all around  not even a  bird’s  song.   Expectant  they  wait, as  they  always do For  the … Continue reading

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The positives in negativity

“Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength…” KJV Psalm 8:2 I passed the entire night in the hinterland between sleep and waking. It is that odd state where the body rests unresisting but the mind … Continue reading

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Seer #midnighthaiku

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Metaphor #midnighthaiku

Thought and memory Druids bird and druid’s bough Mixing metaphors

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