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Derelict by Nel Anil Panicker #writephoto

‘What do we do now? They will kill us, for sure.’ Raj cupped her face in his hands. “Have no worries. Our love will protect us from all evil.” Anjali’s kohl lined eyes turned moist. Tears wet her rosy cheeks. … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast – grooming the small dog…

I looked the small dog in the eye And she looked back at me… A more determined look, I think, You would go far to see. I’d only mentioned it was hot And that she must concur That summer is … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Mrs Savage by Michael

The story was that Mrs Savage had lived in the old place and after her death it had been left to ruin. She had been married to Mr Savage, a railway fettler who was killed working on the train line … Continue reading

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Above and beyond…

Over the past few years, the Silent Eye’s weekend workshops have covered many scenarios, from the gilded glories of ancient Egypt, to the medieval grandeur of the court of King Arthur. The themes and stories are no more than a … Continue reading

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Derelict by Ritu #writephoto

“Full of potential, so it says. Rustic.  Close to nature.  Compact.  Minimalistic in a traditional way. That’s what the message says.” John read back the details that the estate agent had sent him. Then looked up at the property. Now … Continue reading

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The eggs of the swan

After the festivities of the afternoon, there was time for a convivial meal with all our friends at the George and Pilgrim, the 15th century inn that still houses guests, history and ghosts. The town was busy with the Beltane … Continue reading

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Go Wild… Stuart France

* * “Go wild, go wild… Go wild in the country, Where snakes in the grass, Are absolutely free.” – Bow-Wow-Wow Source: Stuart France

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