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Daybreak ~ D. Wallace Peach #Writephoto

The chirping alarm clock wakes us at an ungodly hour, and I quickly prepare a thermos of hot chocolate. Muffins packed. Sweaters donned. Flashlights? Check. Blankets? Check. Keys? I pat my pocket, running through my mental checklist. We load up … Continue reading

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Daybreak ~ Neha #writephoto

And for a moment you let the dark clouds of your mind scatter… Continue reading at Forgotten Meadows

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A Land of Living Light

Every morning, the first thing I do is open my bedroom curtains to take a glance at the day. I rise early, usually before dawn at this time of year. When clouds obscure the horizon, all I can see is … Continue reading

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It’s Beautiful ~ Jim Sponseller #writephoto

“Daddy. I’m cold. Why are we out here in the dark anyway?”, said my daughter, shivering slightly. “You will see soon, pumpkin. Here, drink some hot chocolate and pull that blanket around your neck more.”, I replied. I had waken … Continue reading

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Mindful #midnighthaiku

* Brief flash of beauty On the borders of each day Mindful horizon *

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The lion’s memory ~ Noah Weiss #writephoto

How majestic this new day rises. Orangey twinge rising from the dark blue of the night and the sea. Never does this view get boring. Ever the same on fair days, it is a calming reminder. Yet, when skies are … Continue reading

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Starlings in Flight ~ Laura Denise #writephoto

Shadowed starlings in flight, star wishes carried on wings, take the offerings, the pleas, of my most secret dreams… Continue reading at Laura Denise  

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Space and Time

Consciousness flickers round the edges of dreaming and I become vaguely aware of the delicious luxury of warmth and comfort and a body relaxed and sleepy. It is dark and silent, the dawn will be long in coming, and dreams … Continue reading

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Still #midnighthaiku

* Frost chills the morning Warmth a distant memory The sun still rises *  

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Golden hour…

“Okay then, email me if you wake early. And if it looks hopeful, I’ll come down…” My son had asked if we could go and greet the sun somewhere again, if the weather was suitable. Having slept badly the past … Continue reading

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