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The Feathered Seer – Song of the Raven Clan by Running Elk

The elders gather; to the stones; all that remain of the Raven Clan. The Shaman, bearing the Mother’s heartbeat, draws to the centre of the assembly; there to be joined by the Spinner, and the Weaver of Lore. The Weaver … Continue reading

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Green #writephoto

Originally posted on The Story Files:
The river was good at keeping secrets. Though sometimes it decided to give them up; a broken arrow from a hunt, a lost ring from a lovers’ quarrel, a human body. A few secrets…

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Sally Cronin is Back!

Originally posted on Reade and Write:
? For many of us in the world of authors-marketing-ourselves, we know Sally Cronin as a treasure who selflessly promotes others, spotlighting their new books, re-showcasing their old ones, and offering endless encouragement and…

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Green by Willow #midnighthaiku

Mathew knew that Rachel was in torment and needed him. He did not know where she was or even why she was desperately​ calling for him. He looked and the moon, it was full, that boded nothing but danger. The … Continue reading

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The continuation of politics by other means.

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
Politics, as practiced in Uttermost Partann, is something of an extreme sport. It is possible for practitioners to die in their own beds, but normally this is the result of an acute digestive upset. Death…

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Unexpected Shaman (5) – Life and Death on Kukulcan by Steve Tanham

The count had reached one forty steps by the time the newfound realised what was happening. Below him, the rising air from the plateau smelled, newly, of summer grasses and deeply-perfumed flowers.  The sun, near vertical overhead, beat down with a … Continue reading

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A murderer by Sree #writephoto

Reshma peeped inside her daughter’s room; she watched her sleep for a while and turned around to leave when she found Avilash standing in front of her. “Why don’t you go inside?” He asked. “She doesn’t want to see me.” “Let me … Continue reading

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Surrender #midnighthaiku

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