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As I pulled the book from the shelf and opened it, a flower fell from between its pages. Its colour gone, its petals so fragile they cracked and crumbled as I caught the little thing. Still there was enough left … Continue reading

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remnants #midnighthaiku

Ruined remnants sleep Inviting understanding Memories revived

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Ani’s Advent 2020! Ruby’s Christmas Adventure…

Dear Santa, She’s been getting all nostalgic lately, remembering lots of things from a long, long time ago. Like the big snowfall when she was little and had to be carried to school because it was so deep… Or playing … Continue reading

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Images #midnighthaiku

A captured moment Frozen for eternity Life and movement lost * Unemotional Detached, unexperienced Senses unengaged * Recalling wonder Photographic memory Will remember joy

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Feeding the imagination…

“We were not Gods, but were of God, the strands of our existence not yet teased apart by Becoming, our function not yet defined.” So much for a Saturday evening… the night of the week most folk sit relaxing by … Continue reading

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Mist #midnighthaiku

Misty memories Forgotten, overwritten Still mark the landscape Not time nor forgetfulness Unmakes any moment lived *  

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Solstice of the Moon: Chasing Memories

A very long time ago now, I had a wonderful job that took me, every weekend, driving around Britain. By the time I reached Scotland, I knew… barring disaster… whether I would have some time to spare before I needed … Continue reading

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That was then…

Laughing with my son today I could not help but notice as the light caught a faint scar on his shoulder. It is so faded now that no-one else will ever notice it. I do, and it breaks my heart … Continue reading

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Onwards #midnighthaiku

Well-trodden pathways Looking back to look forward Memories hold hope *

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Simple #midnighthaiku

Simple joys remain Held lightly in memory Lifetime of laughter *  

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