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11-9-2017 – The Bag Lady – #writephoto

Reblogged from The Bag Lady: This tiny bit of light In such vast blue Like my vision of you Far away Yet always there. * Source: The Bag Lady

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Fragrance of new bread Kindling childhood memory I travel through time Snuggled close on grandma’s knee In the glow of the hearthfire * For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Remember #midnighthaiku

Ancient guardians Witness the passage of time Smile at our folly * War, peace and plenty An ever changing cycle Eternity knows * Memory teaches Until it is forgotten… We will remember *

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#writephoto – My mind’s eye – Robbie Cheadle

It is amazing to me how sometimes a prompt will result in an immediate idea and flow of words. Like a tap being turned on. Other times a bit of effort is required. Occasionally, I find, I just don’t feel … Continue reading

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Spark of Darkness – Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: We had forgotten In the turning of the clock In the slide to dark afternoon Lay a deeper power —– We had forgotten The power of the fire The gift from the beginning The reaction … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: Chasing memories

A very long time ago now, I had a wonderful job that took me, every weekend, driving around Britain. By the time I reached Scotland, I knew…barring disaster… whether I would have some time to spare before I needed to … Continue reading

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Ghost #midnighthaiku

The ghost of summer Memory of laughing days Still holds its colour A small bouquet of heather sits on my desk, as fresh and bright as the day it was gathered. I always hate breaking the stems and take only … Continue reading

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