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Lawnmower blues

It rained,so I can’t cut the grass, I did it yesterday… While I was ill, it grew so much The small dog lost her way. I’d conjured up a strimmer thing And wrestled with the shears, My poor lawn looks … Continue reading

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Poised #writespiration

It stared at me, poised. It would be an unequal fight…like David and Goliath. I had no desire to kill…but would it attack? Which is the greater cowardice … to choose not to act in self defence or to resort … Continue reading

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Unexpected Shaman (6) – The Ball in your Court -Steve Tanham

Manuel is speaking, but he’s wrong… This thought hits home as my unseen flight ends with a trip over the ledge that marks the boundary of a small incline. Ahead of me, the tourists turn and politely ignore the unhurt … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: A lonely child by Jane Dougherty

The child stood on tiptoe to peer through the leaded panes, breathed on a diamond and drew a smiley face in the moisture. It was cold outside, and not much warmer inside. She shivered. The room was high and bare, … Continue reading

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Oasis #midnighthaiku

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