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The Genie Hunt

Originally posted on M.C. Tuggle, Writer:
Solstice Publishing has just released my novella The Genie Hunt, a modern fantasy set in High Point, North Carolina. It’s the latest comic adventure of Buddy Vuncannon and Coot Pickard, whose first exploit…

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The Unmarked Obelisk – Part 1 by Emma Hyde– #writephoto

“Remind me again what we’re doing here, Fergie?” Liam panted. The last shard of sunlight wavered on the horizon, painting the shadowed skies with a spectrum of obscure shades. The full moon had already captured the sun’s place in the … Continue reading

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How Long the Horizon by Craig Towsley#writephoto

All he could do, was, reach out. But his arms could not bridge the gap to heaven so he built a monument. An accusing finger, pointing to god. Yearning for a reciprocating digit, but never finding such a thing. Sunrise made … Continue reading

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The Unmarked Obelisk – Part 2 – #writephoto

Originally posted on In Emma World:
Ronat smiled. Everything was just as she remembered. The brisk coastal breeze whipped her bare skin, fanning out her shining raven tresses. It was sunset; a ribbon of golden light adorned the crisp horizon,…

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Author Spotlight; Lucy Brazier

Fiction is Food Lucy Brazier is the author of PorterGirl: First Lady Of The Keys, a zany trip through mayhem and chaos as Old College suffers it’s first ever female Deputy Head Porter. View original post 736 more words

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Unexpected Shaman (3) – The head in the jaws by Steve Tanham

I’ve decided there is something Shamanic about suffering. The past few years have been challenging for me in a very specific way: whenever I have approached an important event, particularly one where I have to ‘perform’ well, in a dramatic … Continue reading

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Rock Gods by Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

For centuries man pondered why ancient man erected stones, worshipped stacks of rock and placed obelisks across the landscape. Calendars, memorials, places of celebration or sacrifice, tapping into the mysterious magnetism of the Earth’s leylines and gravitational fields: the theories … Continue reading

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The Feathered Seer – Patterns of enchantment

    ‘The hidden world has its clouds and rain, but of a different kind. Its sky and sunshine are of a different kind. This is made apparent to those not deceived by the seeming completeness of the ordinary world.’ … Continue reading

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Albion of the Heart… Stuart France

* Hear Yea… …Hear Yea… …Hear Yea. * * Continue reading here

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Bondsmen #midnighthaiku

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