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The Osiriad~Myths of Ancient Egypt re-released…

It felt as if I had been taken by the scruff of the neck, sat down in front of the computer and instructed to write. The Osiriad was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had with words. I … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion- Day 2: Merry Meetings and Manchester Airport

Friday was a good day. We had a late and leisurely start after a fair amount of talking and a little wine… note the restrained understatement on both those counts… The car was packed and ready to go… we would … Continue reading

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Alternative archaeology

‘Shadowing’ is the apparent… and disputed… reproduction in the stone of many ancient monuments of prominent features in the landscape. A monolith in a stone circle that aligns with and captures the shape of a nearby peak… the capstone of … Continue reading

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Out of Time – a Human Story

We were, had the world not closed ranks against the pandemic, supposed to have been running a workshop at Avebury this summer, looking at some of the less obvious sites and addressing some of the deeper questions posed by the … Continue reading

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Musings from the Void: Descent into Life ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from Strange Goings On in the Shed: Image: © Jan Malique, 2020 Am I being a little presumptuous calling this post “Musings from the Void”? It feels a little like we’re ensconced in that mysterious space, a place where … Continue reading

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A Heart Laid Bare ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from Strange Goings On in the Shed: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis#/media/File%3AStatuette_of_Anubis_MET_38.5_EGDP022863.jpg His Nibs has made an appearance finally. The great Walker Between the Worlds, He who is named Anubis reveals himself at last. It feels like our relationship is starting anew, a … Continue reading

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Shall We Meet Under the Light of the Moon? ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from stranegoingsonintheshed: This post started out in a totally different “body.” It had to be discarded. Why? The inner prompting, my Muse that is, decided otherwise. I’m in agreement with him. The White Hare makes an appearance, a messenger … Continue reading

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I Have Risen…

* ‘I have gathered myself together, Like the beautiful Hawk of Gold. * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Eyes for an Eye… Stuart France

* “You know of what I speak, Gandalf. A great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame.” * I recall struggling to formulate this image when first reading Tolkien’s masterpiece. Even with the help of the cover illustrations it seemed to me … Continue reading

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Only a Horse and a Sword ~ Steve Tanham

We become habitual in our thinking. It’s a good idea (and fun) to play little games with our mind to help us look at things differently. One of these is to look at things in a ‘zero-sum’ way: that is, … Continue reading

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