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Stones from pensitivity #writephoto

The Stones of Sense. Look closely, See the labours of a thousand hands Laying a thousand stones, Each in memory of someone lost. Touch one, Feel the warmth in the midday sun, Yet even on a winter’s day, These stones … Continue reading

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Hidden tales

A veil of silence closes around the stories of my day. They are stories of love, and of loss, and of the heartache that we each experience at some point in our lives. Of the tragedies played out behind staid … Continue reading

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The dispossessed

Where do they go, the faces of youth? The smiles and laughter, The sparkling eyes And witty conversation? They are lost in the silence Of forgotten solitude; Of endless days And sleepless nights When the mouth never opens Except for … Continue reading

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Vale of tears

Shards of naivety strew the path Calloused feet, weary and wary, Sliced by broken dreams And shattered rainbows Trudge onward, Leaving bloody traces In the innocence Of a martyred dream. Those who cross the vale of tears Come not again … Continue reading

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Guest artist: Colleen Briggs – Sacred Centre Holds

Colleen Briggs very kindly agreed to be a guest here today. She is a superb artist and I love her work… but there is more to her gifts than those that fill a canvas with colour. Please visit her blog … Continue reading

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Horizon by Luccia Gray #writephoto #amwriting #poetry Don’t Weep

Don’t weep. When I’ve flown Through the pool In the sky. I’ll dive Through the clouds In the heavens. I’ll wave At the sea, And smile Continue reading:  Don’t Weep

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Horizon by Ritu #writephoto

Dear You, Sitting here, watching the sun slowly set, I feel a sense of peace finally come over me. It’s been tough these last few weeks. I wasn’t able to get away from anyone. I know they were being considerate, … Continue reading

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