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#writephoto regulars ~ Jordis Fasheh from Jordy’s Streamings

I asked the writephoto challenge regulars if they would like to come over and introduce themselves. Today, it gives me great pleasure to share a post from Jordis Fasheh whose writing you can follow at Jordy’s Streamings. Without those of … Continue reading

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Of Loss and Hope ~ Colleen Briggs

Reblogged from Fragments of Light: The grief, the loss of what she had hoped for, lapped as relentlessly, as inevitably, as the breakers crashing again and again—minute after minute, day after day. Repeating their reach and retreat for millennia. Tumbling … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Forgotten stories

Once more we found ourselves gravitating towards the tower of an ancient church. As we were meeting in Bamburgh, it seemed only right that we pay our respects here. It may seem a little odd that although we are not … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XLIX: Back to the future…

We went back once more to where it all began. Paying our respects to Dragon Hill, the ancient White Horse and the hillfort known as Uffington Castle, we left the car and the world behind and walked to Wayland’s Smithy. … Continue reading

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Hunting the ‘Tree Demon’…

* …”Where Hu-Wa-Wa comes and goes becomes a track and all those ways are well trodden. As Hu-Wa-Wa passes through the forest the birds begin to sing… Wood-Pigeon moans. Turtle-Dove coos in answer. As Hu-Wa-Wa passes through the forest the … Continue reading

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Wayland: The White Horse… Stuart France

* But according to some, Wayland has far more onerous responsibilities than shoeing the horses of passing way farers… * A group of local lads were enjoying a drink one evening at the White Horse Inn, Woolstone, when an unknown … Continue reading

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Wayland: The Blessed Isles… Stuart France

* The tone of the tale once Britain is reached, becomes very different… * Alighting on Berkshire’s High Downs, Wayland came upon an ancient chambered tomb, and made it his home. Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Wayland: Silver-Smith of Souls… Stuart France

* There are a number of intriguing aspects to this legend. The earliest written sources appear late and are decidedly piecemeal. Wayland is the son of a God, Giant, or King of the Otherworld. He is schooled in metallurgy by … Continue reading

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The Tyrant of Uruk…

*  “The Eternal City of Uruk… See how its ramparts gleam like copper in the sun… Climb the ancient staircases up stone more ancient than mind… Approach the Temple of Eanna… Sacred precinct of the Goddess Ishtar… Her priestesses stand … Continue reading

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Seeing Eden

Would you see Eden in a withered bough? Sunlight in shadows, or flowers bloom in frost? Beauty in sorrow, or gifts in the dark? Ask the Earth and the song of wild water To whisper their secrets. Follow the moon-path … Continue reading

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