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Late May Giveaways & Offers

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
With the month almost out, I’ll bet you thought I’d forgotten to share any giveaways and offers. Well, fret not because here are some amazing ones, starting with the… Mega eBook Giveaway This is…

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Inside Out #WritePhoto

Originally posted on Lemon Shark Reef:
? ? A woman stood by the wall, gazing out the castle window. “Excuse me. Are you part of the tour?” He asked. “I seem to have lost my way. Would you mind directing…

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#Writephoto – Inside Out

Originally posted on The Bag Lady:
I’m standing here, tiptoes on the chair, looking out at another rainy day. It’s cloudy and difficult to see, but the drops coming in under the edges have me worried. If the water continues…

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Inside-out #writephoto

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Welcome Awakening – #writephoto

Originally posted on rivrvlogr:
Welcome Awakening Barring light, none else should enter my dreams at the break of day, but your moist lips tempt me from my slumbers, and they are most welcome. The photo is provided in Thursday photo…

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Inside-out #WritePhoto

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The Feathered Seer – Part 3 (No. Really. The Feathered Seer!)

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Stanton MoorCopyright: Graham Dunn During the exploration session on Spirit Animals, presented during The Silent Eye (a modern mystery school) “Leaf and Flame: the Foliate Man” weekend in 2016, one of…

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Snakes and peacocks

There was still a little time before my son had to be at the station… time enough simply to drive, showing him some of the places I love, places that call me home to a place I have yet to … Continue reading

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Tell-Tale Signs II… Stuart France

* … A very different Fionn tale (to give him his correct nomenclature), adapted from one of Ella Young’s re-tellings. The full cycle of tales from which this one is drawn are available in, The Tangle Coated Horse, and although … Continue reading

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